They killed at least five policemen who were stealing a shipment of cocaine in Tijuana


A recent wave of murders on the border of the town of Tijuana This may have been taken from a television script: drug traffickers angry chase police corrupt people stealing cargo from drug.

Two of the agents allegedly responsible for robbery died, according to prosecutors. However, according to the former police chief, at least three other officers were also killed, suggesting that the cartel that owned the drug shipment may have launched a retaliation WIDESPREAD.

This is the latest blow for Tijuana, the city with the highest number of murders in Mexico, almost double the second place: Ciudad Juarez.

Tijuanalocated in the state of Baja California and with a population of more than 2.1 million, it has for many years about 2 thousand murders of the year. In comparison, Houston, Texaswith approximately the same population, recorded as 435 murders in 2022.

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According to prosecutors, in mid-November, half a dozen local and state police officers in Tijuana stole a drug delivery from a warehouse where traffickers keep it.

Last week evidence showed in the van of the officers who left the warehouse with a large amount of cocaine wrapped in plastic filled truck bed.

The state prosecutor, Maria Elena Andradeconfirmed this week that three state agents are investigating the case, along with Tijuana municipal police.

Alberto Capellaformer Tijuana police chief from 2007 to 2008 and again from 2011 to 2013, said the companions Press that apparently the drugs belong to Sinaloa Cartelespecially the wing controlled by Ismael”she May”Zambada, perhaps the most powerful drug trafficking group in the city.

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Apparently the cartel immediately knew who was executing the ROBBERY.

On November 18, a few hours after the robbery, men armed They shot up the federal prosecutor’s office in Tijuana. After an hour, one of the municipal police allegedly involved in the robbery killed shot in a street Tijuana.

On November 24, gunmen attacked the state prosecutor’s office with a volley of shots; no one was injured.

On November 27, a story State investigator under investigation for robbery shot dead in his car while pumping gas at Tijuana. Two other officers were shot dead in broad daylight on city streets, apparently VENGEANCE.