They killed the couple in Gurabo

They killed the couple in Gurabo

A woman and a man were killed in a residence in circumstances that are being investigated by the Police since Sunday night, in Gurabo.

According to the director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) in Caguas, Carlos Alicea Contreras, the initial investigation ended around 6:00 a.m. on Monday, after inspecting the area. On Monday morning, his group will go to identify the relatives of the victims, identified as Karla Rodríguez Ares, 35 years old, and Luis Lebron Cuevas, 40 years old, to “interview them and see what they contributed .”

Alicea Contreras also confirmed that the two have a “relational bond”.

Asked in this way if it could be a femicide, the inspector assured that it was not ruled out as a possible motive. However, he indicated that it is too early to tell, although some pieces of evidence that have been collected seem to point in that direction.

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“There is a lot of evidence that we collected at the scene… I don’t want to talk about the matter until we have a little clearer picture,” said the director of the CIC in Caguas.

The events were reported around 9:08 pm last Sunday, in the sector of Juan Maldonado, on PR-181, in the aforementioned municipality.

According to the preliminary investigation, a man arrived at his friend’s residence and, upon entering, “found the bodies of him and his partner.”

In a press release, the Police reported that they were alerted by a call to the Gurabo barracks. When the agents arrived at the scene, “they found in the living room the body of a woman with multiple gunshot wounds in different parts of the body and, in the kitchen area, the body of a man with multiple gunshot wounds.” .

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Agent Reimundo Quiñones, assigned to the Homicide Division of CIC in Caguas, along with prosecutor Jannette Escobar Feliciano and staff from the Institute of Forensic Sciences led the investigation.