They killed the nephew of David Monreal, the governor of Zacatecas

La Jornada - they killed the nephew of David Monreal, the governor of Zacatecas

Zacatecas, Zac. This Saturday afternoon, a nephew of Governor David Monreal Ávila was shot dead in the Plateros community of the Fresnillo municipality, the community from which all members of the Monreal Ávila family come.

Jorge Antonio Monreal Martínez, son of Juan Monreal aka the pacifierFormer councilor of the Fresnillo Municipal Council, and who currently works as coordinator of municipal representatives in the district which contains more than 250 rural communities.

It was revealed that, at the time of suffering an armed attack, Jorge Antonio Monreal Martínez was accompanied by an 11-year-old boy – his nephew, the son of his sister Diana – and that the minor was suffering from gunshot wounds, for which he was May have been transferred to hospital for care.

The armed attack occurred in the city of Fresnillo four days after the assassination of Juan Carlos Pérez Guardado, the social development secretary of the city council of the same district, who was the brother-in-law of Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila, and was shot. Died in broad daylight, on Sonora Street, at the municipal seat, while carrying out supervisory work on the maintenance of urban infrastructure.

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Municipal president Saúl Monreal Ávila, brother of Governor David Monreal and Senator Ricardo Monreal, requested a leave of absence from office last January, because he intends to be a candidate for senator of the republic.

In fact, just on Friday, February 9, the national leadership of that political party nominated him as a candidate for the Senate of the Republic for the first formula, together with the Zacatecan senator Soledad Luevano Cantú, who plans to repeat it. Making. Seat of Chamber High. During the six-year term when Ricardo Monreal Ávila served as governor (1998 – 2004), Luevano Cantú was Comptroller General of Zacatecas.

Jorge Antonio Monreal Martínez actively participated in the campaign for the municipal presidency of Fresnillo as promoter of his father’s first cousin Saúl Monreal Ávila, in the two consecutive elections he contested to occupy that position: 2018 In and in 2021.

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It has emerged in local media that, during his tenure as mayor, at least five municipal officials of Morenoist Saúl Monreal Ávila have been victims of armed attacks:

First, Armando Rodarte, director of the recreation area of ​​the City Hall, was seriously injured on January 13, 2021, after an armed attack, which he managed to escape.

Then on February 26, 2021, there was a deadly armed attack on Marco Antonio Valle Ávalos, Deputy Director of Urban Development. Later in December 2022, Arturo Luna Rojas, director of Municipal Rastro, was shot dead.

Similarly, Commander Antonio Soledad Pérez, director of the Fresnillo Municipal Police, and four of his bodyguards were shot dead by an armed commando on November 30, 2023, while they were patrolling Paseo del Mineral Avenue in the municipal head.

As of this Saturday afternoon, neither Licensed Mayor Saúl Monreal Ávila, nor Governor David Monreal Ávila have issued any statement regarding the new murder of one of their family members and associates.

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Meanwhile, Rodrigo Reyes Muguerza, secretary general of the state government, said on Saturday afternoon that “despite the attacks and the reactions,” he said, “we are not going to take a step back in the peace process.”

On Friday afternoon, 800 new elements of the Mexican Army and National Guard arrived at the headquarters of the 92nd Infantry Battalion, headquartered in the city of Fresnillo, “to reinforce security operations.”

For his part, the head of the Zacatecas Public Security Secretariat, General Antonio Medina Mayoral, said that he has decided as of this Saturday, “I am going to move my headquarters to Fresnillo, to be closer to the operations, and to receive To be able to get results as quickly as possible.” As soon as possible”.

According to INEGI, the population of Fresnillo is 240 thousand inhabitants.


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