They pay $2,000 to anyone who frees 100 cockroaches in their home

earn money on transition cockroaches in you Casa, as you read

a pest control company, insect informer In the city of Raleigh, North Carolina state, 100 . will pay $2,000 to anyone offering cockroaches Visited the corridors and rooms of their homes for a month.

If the insects are still alive after a month, the company will pay the money and proceed to eliminate the pest free of charge.

“At the end of the 30-day period, if the new treatment doesn’t work, the transition cockroaches It will be removed at home using conventional methods at no cost,” the company said in its announcement.

For him Experiment They search five to seven homes to test a new destruction technique.

“Currently, we are hiring five to seven landlords to allow us to release about 100 cockroaches Americans in their Casa And allow us to record and test a specific treatment against them,” says a recent company blog post.

Company founder David Floyd told NBC News that last Monday, June 13, insect informer It had already received over 2,200 applications for the offer through a unique registration form on its website, which will be open till July 31 for anyone who wishes to participate.

The agreement to release the property requires the homeowner’s written approval. cockroaches on your property and so that everyone Experiment will be recorded by technicians.


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