They present a project to finance optical lenses for minors and older adults

They present a project to finance optical lenses for minors and older adults

A resolution submitted to the government moved to finance the purchase of optical lenses for minors and older adults in a vulnerable situation.

The independent representative, Camila Musante, who pushed the idea forward, explained this in an interview with Meganoticias Alert.

Resolution 818 The motion was raised on Thursday, December 7th, and had 121 votes in favor and 14 abstentions in the Chamber of Deputies.

What would this advantage be?

The parliamentarian explained that this is “a measure for President Gabriel Boric and the Minister of Health to promote a visual plan that allows free access for girls, boys, and older people.”

“Nowadays, the decision to buy glasses is practically unattainable, and not just for cost reasons.but because service hours in the public system are months behind schedule, making it virtually impossible to get a good diagnosis in a timely manner,” he added.

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The representative explained: “We have determined that, according to the Chilean Ophthalmological Society, 850,000 people in Chile have vision problems.“.

What would be the entry requirements?

“The most important requirements They must be linked to a lack of economic performance.When it comes to older people, we know that the vast majority only live on a pension,” said Musante.

Regarding minors, he said, “For me, all people under the age of 18 must benefit from this program.” In the draft resolution, I propose a visual health plan that makes this possible Opt for free lenses, and this includes prior diagnosis.“.

“It seems to me that it is important that studying children and young people have access to this service; that is a question of logic. If they don’t see well, they won’t be able to read well or pay attention properly. The right to education is therefore affected..

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