They rally in support of Maduro in Santa Teresa del Tuy

They rally in support of Maduro in Santa Teresa del Tuy

The people of Santa Teresa del Tuy, in the municipality of Independencia, Miranda state, rallied this Friday afternoon in support of Nicolás Maduro Moros, head of state, and the Bolivarian Revolution.

The activity was led by National Assembly deputy Antonio Galindez and Nicolás Ernesto Maduro Guerra, members of the national leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV); the Mayor of Independencia Municipality, Rainer Pulido Fuentes; and other regional directors of the official party.

The massive march began in the San José del Rincón sector in the Santa Teresa Centro commune. Leaders of 12 communes, university students, farmers, remanufacturers, CLAP communicators, spokespersons for gas technical tables, leaders of CLAP, urban land committees (CTUs), community parliamentarians, transporters, older adults, OBEs, athletes gathered there., Teacher, Social Mission System, member of the PPT, MEP, Tupamaro, UPV, Podemos and PCV parties.

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With banners, balloons and the national tricolor, Terceños and officials marched through the main streets to the Plaza de San José del Rincón.

They remember the assassination attack against maduro

Officials recalled the assassination attempt against President Nicolás Maduro in part out of desperation, whose act was recorded in Caracas on August 4, 2018. He also rejected sanctions imposed against the country by the United States government and he socialized and applauded. The economic achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution amid an illegal blockade imposed by the North American nation.

PSUV leaders emphasized that building a better future for Venezuelans is based on the people. He pointed out that Venezuelans are on the streets to reject the sanctions of the North American Empire and to continue fighting for peace and the achievements made within the revolution.

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The march was joined by the Corpoelec, the City Comptroller’s Office, the Independence Mayor’s Office, city council workers and officials from the Bolivarian Militia, Independence Municipal Police, Civil Defense, the Bolivarian National Police and Polimiranda.

They Rally In Support Of Maduro In Santa Teresa Del Tuy
They Rally In Support Of Maduro In Santa Teresa Del Tuy


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