They released the first trailer for “Furiosa”, a prequel to “Mad Max”

They released the first trailer for

The first trailer of “angry” the prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road”, finally released and will be released in 2024, as promised in 2021 after a delay of one year and in which the actress Anya Taylor-Joy is the star.

Director George Miller is in charge of this project which was released on Thursday night when Warner Bros. the first trailer for the action film in which Taylor-Joy will play the fierce warrior who, in 2015, Charlize Theron played in a film. which became a revelation by achieving 10 Oscar nominations, including best film and best direction, grossing $375 million worldwide.

The new movie “Furiosa” will be released on the screens on May 24, 2024, this is after the pandemic of COVID19 delayed the process of making it.

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Now, the prequel will show us as a young Furiosa, Anya Taylor-Joy transformed after being taken from the Green Place of the Many Mothers, entering the existing inhospitable world.

The film also stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke also stars in the film.

“He’s a complex individual. He’s a violent, demented and brutal man born in the Wasteland, which is the world where Mad Max takes place,” Hemsworth said when describing Dementos, his character.

Miller returned to a key part of his staff from the first film after captivating the costumes, photography and action scenes, leading it to win several Academy Awards. The intention is to offer continuity to Max Max: Fury Road which allows both ribbons to rotate.

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The film can be enjoyed in IMAX format, one of the most immersive in cinemas and where the special effects and dynamics of the film can be enjoyed in a larger viewing angle.