They save a 75-year-old man from drowning in Fuengirola

They save a 75-year-old man from drowning in Fuengirola

Rescue service and 061 arrived at the scene along with local police. , Feather

Several lifeguards of the rescue service managed to get the patient out of cardiorespiratory arrest

Andrea Jimenez

Fuengirola Beach Rescue Service is in luck this Monday. The team managed to save the life of a 75-year-old man who drowned on Los Boliches beach last Sunday: the patient was able to come out of cardiorespiratory arrest after lifeguards performed CPR on him. “It is a matter of pride for us that the team we have, they are able to rely on, they are great professionals,” says Oscar Poros, head of salvage services, which takes swift action despite monitoring hours outside. emphasizes. “The incident happened around 10:30 am, and we started at 11:00 am, luckily we were training that day and we came first.”

As it was the morning of the waves at Fuengirola, the Salvage team was in a training course at the Beach Command Post. At about 10:30, they received a notice warning about a drowned person in a possible cardiorespiratory arrest in the Los Boliches area from 112. “At that time we used binoculars and saw a crowd of people. We were about 400 meters away, six colleagues took defibrillators and oxygen equipment and fled to the scene,” says Porras, with more than 20 years of experience in rescue in countries like Australia or the United Kingdom.

Once at the scene, they found a 75-year-old man lying on the sand after other swimmers helped him in the water. It was then that he began practicing CPR maneuvers with the 061 ambulance team that had just arrived in the area. “We managed to get him out of cardiorespiratory arrest. The medical team then shifted him to an ambulance with pulse but with help in breathing.

According to the person in charge, out of the six lifeguards present at the scene, two supervisors have many years of experience in this area. « The medical team congratulates us on the extensive training of the lifeguard team, we are able to support everything necessary to save this life. It is very important for us to be able to do this work, we are on the beach all day to help neighbors and tourists.

According to eyewitnesses to the incident, the patient had gone to the beach alone. Thanks to the quick intervention of the bathers, who were able to save him from the water, and the action of the rescuers, the 75-year-old has recovered. The person in charge of Salvamento insisted, “We do not know his identity due to the issue of data security, but we have been able to save his life.”


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