They say it wasn’t their fault alone


The current crisis the Mexican National Team is facing has been largely blamed on Diego Coca, now the former national technical director, although for Javier Aquino, it was not solely his fault.

Javier Aquino, who is now a Club Tigres player and has the experience of playing two World Cups with the Mexican national team, says that everyone who surrounds the tricolor must do their part to get the team to this position.

For the first time since Argentina 1978, the Mexican national team failed to progress past the first round at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This caused an uproar in the Mexican Soccer Federation, leading to the departure of President Yon de Luisa and the arrival of Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

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Diego Koka was chosen as the new national coach in an extremely complicated process, but only lasted four months in the position, where his main blunder was a 3–0 loss against the United States in the semi-finals of the Nations League. Was.

Now with Jaime Lozano in charge, things seem to be getting better, with a 4-0 win against Honduras, but Javier Aquino does not want the impression to persist that the bad moments in the royal team were his former coach’s fault.

Javier Aquino Says You Have to Apportion the Blame to the Mexican National Team

Javier Aquino, a Mexican World Cup player in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018, hopes Diego Coca is not singled out as the main culprit for a bad moment in national football.

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In the end, everyone has to admit his guilt. “The national team is going through a complicated moment, as we all know, in terms of results, probably in terms of performance, both individually and in the group,” reiterated the footballer who hails from Cruz Azul.

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He asked not to blame only Diego Coca: “It is not ideal to blame only the head of the group, I think everyone is responsible, everyone knows what they have to contribute, what they did, what they failed to do.”

So not only is a change of technical director sufficient, for the veteran footballer, “there must be a good reorganization from top to bottom within the Mexican national team.”

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Javier Aquino: “Changing the coach in the Mexican national team is not enough”

Javier Aquino, a player of Club Tigres and who was also selected for the national team, asked for fundamental changes in everything that surrounds the Mexican national team, in order to get out of the crisis he was experiencing.

“Important changes have to be made, but this also does not mean that the footballer is committed to being responsible for the things that happen on the field.”

We all know within Medium, “What do we do well and what do we do poorly, the question is whether you really want to pursue that.”


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