“They Shouldn't Sing” Grupo Milenio


Angela aguilar Daughter of famous Mexican singer and regional artist pepe aguilar Once again he lashed out at internet users for his controversial statements.

On this occasion, it was During an interview with radio station Exa FM At the Jessie Cervantes event, where Aguilar’s daughter attacked her fellow singers, claiming that she He has been studying opera for many years Sing as he sings and if others do not know how to sing, it would be better if they did not become singers.

Angela Aguilar is a laughing stock. Specific

angela aguilar Sharing in an interview held a few days ago that her success is not only due to belonging to one of the most recognized families of singers in Mexico, the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar revealed that she sings the way she Want to sing. had to prepare for now Since I was a girl.

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In this context, Angela, He attacked and criticized his fellow singers because he assured Without naming names, that if a person who dedicates himself to music does not know how to sing, he should not work at it because he does not have I’ve been learning opera since I was 4 years old To achieve perfection in your voice.

The singer started off by saying, “They shouldn’t be singers if they don’t know how to sing, I mean my parents and grandparents taught me that if I’m going to do something, I better do it well. “I will do it from.” ,

Furthermore, the interpreter of ‘Tell me how you want it’ He assured that because of the respect the public deserves, singers have an obligation to prepare as much as possible to be able to go on stage. Well, they pay a ticket to listen Sing for your favorite artist.

“I have been taking opera classes since I was 4 years old and that’s the way it should be because the audience deserves the respect of being present on stage. If they pay for a ticket it’s because they want to hear you sing live and I believe that thanks to you it is clear who sings and who doesn’t.”

Internet users rage against Angela Aguilar: “She lacks humility”

After the inflammatory statements of angela aguilar Who has been strongly criticized Because of the perceived attitude of superiority by the public and to congratulate the Argentina team because according to She is 25% Argentinian blood Internet users did not ignore the statements of the young singer and attacked her on social networks, calling her a not very polite person.

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Users told this to Angela Aguilar Indirectly against one of his colleagues.

“The most important class he lacked was humility”; “Because of Xavi I had to agree with Argentina’s Angela Aguilar”, “She should write her own songs and not do covers”; “I had to agree with this Argentinian because of all the “singing” influencers like Yeri Kimberly Kenya”; “Oh my Napo baby, do you think everyone can afford opera classes in Mexico?”; “She’s drowning alone and there’s no way to help her.”


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