They started installing the first roads that charge your electric car

Electreon brand electric car wireless charging

Adapting the concept of magnetic charging which has given such good results in mobile phones, may be a necessary step to remove one of the major burdens of electric cars in the future.

Charge your electric car on the road

The first section of the road with induction charging was recently inaugurated. This new technology increases the different methods of recharging an electric vehicle and allows us recharge the battery while driving.

The road is equipped with inductive charging coils from the Electreon Wireless company. In this way, the car Recharge your energy levels just by circulating on the road. Consider this a Qi wireless charger for your smartphone. Of course, only electric cars with a special receiver can be charged from this system, so at the moment it is not a universal technology, but it is the first stone of what is the future of electric mobility.

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This section measures about 450 meters in length and is located between Marantette and Dalzelle streets near Michigan Central Station, Detroit. Electreon’s wireless charging technology uses inductive coupling between copper coils placed under the road surface and a receiver placed in an electric vehicle. Like a good wireless phone charger, the path transfers electricity through the magnetic field when the coils are activated by the presence of a receiver when a car is parked or passes over it. That energy goes into the car’s battery. Construction digs deeper into the ground to move the coils into place, although the road construction process is similar.

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Recharging the battery, the big problem

The latest study conducted by Plenoil as part of its potential Transition project. This study shows that more than half of Spanish drivers (50.3%) not thinking of buying an electric car in the next few years.

This report gives voice to the disagreement of Spanish drivers about electric jump. In this way, we can analyze the results of a process of listening to all the actors involved in the energy transition to understand the possible difficulties encountered on the road to decarbonization and find joint solutions.

Considering the factors, the state and the number of charging points play an important role in this behavior of the electric current, which is the second and third factor. Among the main reasons for not wanting to buy an EV are the high price (61.3%), the lack of charging points (46.6%), charging time (35.7%)the price of electricity (32.6%) and the idea that these types of cars are not the future (27.4%).

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Solutions like these induction chargers while driving can reduce one of the main reasons why the electric car is not naturally adopted as a solution in the future. This type of recharge method can greatly reduce autonomy anxiety also known as range anxiety In English, it is the fear of running out of battery and not being able to find a nearby charging point while driving electric vehicles.