They stopped the distribution of Chihuahua again Grupo Milenio

They stopped the distribution of Chihuahua again Grupo Milenio

A federal judge has granted a temporary stay to prevent the delivery of free textbooks in the state of Chihuahua. under the new amparo test, 1724/2023, presented by the father of the family Gabriel Alejandro VM

Third District Judge, Jessica María Contreras Martínez, was given a provisional suspension reported the local deputy and coordinator of the Morena bench, Cuauhtémoc Estrada.

The legislator said that this new resource violates the right of women and men to education and can be used in general and not just those who filed the amparo trial.

“But it also decides for all fathers and mothers throughout the state of Chihuahua, when he was only familiar the one who requested the protection of federal justice in the amparo case,” he said.

He explained that this action attacked the rights of hundreds of thousands of students in Chihuahua, after the distribution of books began this Monday, more than a month after the school year started which was not delivered to them because initially the governor of the state María Eugenia Campos Galván presented an appeal to prevent the distribution of free books.

“It is very serious that a decision like this is made, because it violates the rights of hundreds of thousands of children that they have started accepting books, it is a great irresponsibility, which is a precautionary step that directly violates human rights and that speaks to the size of the judiciary,” he said.

He announced that the judge should immediately schedule an incidental hearing, as stipulated by law, to speed up the process and the suspension will not continue to affect students from Chihuahua.

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The Morenoist legislator showed that take action on the matter, about the judge’s actions, so that higher bodies like the Judicial Council can review the issue.

Just a few days ago the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) dismissed the appeal presented by the governor and on Friday the distribution of books began in Chihuahua.