They support the extradition of Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba’s brother to the US

They support the extradition of Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba's brother to the US

The Supreme Court of Justice this Wednesday supported the extradition of अलlvaro Freddy Córdoba Ruiz, the brother of Senator Piedad Córdoba, to the United States and who has been requested by the United States District Court on charges of “concert for the importation of narcotics”. it was done. District of New York.

The High Court issued a concept “adapted to a formal extradition request by the Government of the United States of America through its embassy in our country against Colombian citizen lvaro Freddy Córdoba Ruiz.”

Now everything is in the hands of the Colombian government to sign the document that authorizes the extradition of the congresswoman’s brother.

US formalizes extradition request of Piad Cordoban’s brother

Cordoba was arrested last February in Medellin after the United States requested his extradition for alleged links to drug trafficking activities.

The Government Coalition, the brother of Congress from the left historical Treaty, was a candidate for the Liberal Party in 2011 for Medellin Council.

When his brother was arrested, the TODAY senator assured that neither of them had “any affiliation with drug trafficking or armed groups”, for which he called “political persecution” against himself and his family. asked to end.

Honduras releases Piedad Cordoba after being caught in undeclared dollars

Piedad Córdoba is accused of allegedly having an affair with Colombian businessman Alex Saab, a nominee for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is being held in the United States.

Similarly, she had already been a senator for the Liberal Party between 1994 and 2010, and in 2010 she was disqualified for 18 years by Colombia’s then Attorney General, Alejandro Ordóez, allegedly with FARC guerrillas. As for relations, now converted into a political one. Celebration.

The measure was rescinded in October 2016 by the State Council and the senator was able to resume her political activity, with her reaching Congress for the 2022–2026 term in the March 13 elections.

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