They uncover the revenge that Mercedes has planned against Hamilton


It’s been more than a week since formula 1 Was shocked by being left out of the team mercedes British pilot’s Lewis Hamilton who signed ferrari To be a driver for the ‘Scuderia’ from 2025.

The seven-time world champion will leave an important gap in the German team, which is already analyzing who will george russell Starting from next season.

His only comment was, “I don’t know whether we will choose an experienced pilot or a young one.” this is wolfe Current Executive Director of Team F1 Mercedes.

But although the German team has tried to remain cautious on the Hamilton issue, considering the Briton will remain in their ranks this season, The “thirst for revenge” within the German team is an open secret,

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This was revealed by Marca, where they said Wolff would carefully choose Lewis’ successor to avoid giving the Briton more headaches when wearing the red Ferrari uniform.

And who is emerging as a favorite for the Austrian leader and former driver. This is the spanish fernando alonso Currently in Aston Martin.

The Asturian, although he is quiet at the British Formula 1 team, has not renewed and his contract for more seasons with his current team will depend a lot on the results of 2024.

In this scenario, from the above media they assure that “although there is a relationship between Alonso and Toto Wolff that has never been good, If an offer comes from Mercedes, it is very likely that the Spaniard will say yes.”,

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On the other hand, they highlight Fernando’s good relationship with George Russell, with whom he also celebrated last Christmas.

At the moment, Fernando Alonso is expected to be the protagonist of the presentation of the new Aston Martin vehicle, the ceremony will take place this Monday.


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