They will investigate the councilors of Barranquilla by choosing the District Comptroller

They will investigate the councilors of Barranquilla by choosing the District Comptroller

The Atlantic Regional Attorney’s Office opened a disciplinary investigation against the councilors of Barranquilla, the former councilor. Rubén Marino Borje, and the controller, Jesus Maria Acevedo Magaldi, for the duration of the events.

Among the background information, the Attorney General’s Office states that “Mr. Alban Simonds Martínez filed a disciplinary complaint on June 2, 2020, through the virtual channel for receiving complaints of the Attorney General’s Office, against the Councilors of the District of Barranquilla who participated in the election process of Mr. “Jesús María Acevedo Magaldi as District Comptroller of Barranquilla.”

Moreover, he specified that “in the document presented, it shows that, allegedly, Dr. Acevedo Magaldi did not comply with the constitutional and legal requirements to hold the position of District Comptroller; despite the above, he was admitted to the call advanced by the District Council of Barranquilla and later elected District Comptroller.”

Likewise, the control entity reflects that “the missing requirement, as stated by the complainant, is equivalent to the accreditation of the execution of public duties within 2 years. Despite the above, he accepted the aforementioned call and was elected District Comptroller.

In 2020, the Attorney General’s Office ordered a preliminary investigation to see if there was merit in opening the investigation, and after compiling the elements, the control entity considered that there were merits to opening it.

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The councilors being investigated are: Freddy Baron Orozco, Leyton Barrios Torres, Heidi Barrera Vergara, Zamir Benavides Brown, Antonio Bohoquez Collazos, Ernesto Crissien Barraza, Osvaldo Diaz Insignares, Richard Fernandez Barraza, Juan Fuentes Pumarejo, Maria Henriquez Quintero, Samuel Marinoz Angulo Her, Andres Andres Acuña, Recer Lee Perez Torres, Samir Radi Chemas, Andres Rengifo Lemus, Jose Trocha Gomez, Juan Jose Vergara Diaz, and Mauricio Villafañez Jabba.