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This 23-year-old single mother and ‘influencer’ built a business from scratch: she now earns up to 8,000 euros a month

Just when he had completed his studies at the age of 19, Katharina Preisler becomes pregnant And later, 2 months after the birth of her daughter Sophia, her partner and the girl’s father leaves her.

Preisler and the little girl were living on parental help from the state:”We had 550 Euros for the whole month”says the Austrian, remembering what was probably the most difficult time he’s ever had.

when they kicked her out of the apartment where she lived, now influencer recognize that That was not the life she wanted for her daughter. That was 3 years ago and since then, Preisler’s life has changed radically.

she is 23 years old He has built his own business from scratch dealing in social media marketing.

tiktok made it possible

During her pregnancy, Preysler opened a TikTok account and His first video went viral On the stage. In it, she is seen rotating on her axis with the support of her stomach, while Beyoncé’s pop ballad, halo,

This is a day in the life of an ‘influencer’ with 100,000 followers on Instagram: free food, ‘selfies’ and work, lots of work

from the beginning, Video viewed 260,000 times, according to Preisler. That’s when the idea of ​​focus came to his mind professional career in the world influencer, If he had managed to go viral, he could have done it again.

Katharina Preisler made a name for herself on social media by sharing her pregnancy and later life as a young mother for months — including her move in 2019, though she concealed that it was not of her own free will. It was based on a strategy of showing only positive thingsThus managing to create an “ideal world”, as she herself describes it.

At that point, Presler had Aim to earn a name and gain a foothold in the competitive world influential people to be able to earn money through social networks, although everyone tries to dissuade her from the fact that she cannot make a living from it, as she states business Insider. “But I knew I wanted to try it.”

Back then, I still admired characters like Farina Opoku aka Novellanlove. Top most, he was impressed by the luxurious lifestyle He had it.

“He did his make-up and dressed amazingly; he was always at the hairdresser and I get my hair cut every few months for 10 euros Because it was the only thing I could afford,” says Preisler. “I told myself: I want that too.”

There has been a systematic evolution of its profiles and channels

When Preisler began the investigation, he looked to other profiles to learn from them. “I started doing online coaching and read a lot about marketing”, the girl explains. When his daughter was still a child, he used his sleep time to continue learning and producing content for his network.

influencer set up from the start to growFor example, you used a tried-and-true method to find out what types of content work particularly well. He posted 3 stylistically similar videos but with different content. It will then check which videos performed particularly well and publish more posts related to that.

Katharina Preisler And Su Hija Sophia.

Stephen Schilling, Expert influential peopleWe are working in Era for about 8 years. The media company claims to work with over 1,500 content creators and artists across Europe.

Key metrics for influencers that brands determine for their advertising efforts

the expert makes sure You may not know any successful creator who created their account with the goal of earning a lot of money. In fact, most of the stories of the most popular authors differ from those of Preisler.

Multiple accounts with millions of followers He started creating content as a hobby and later made social media his main job., Most of them start their career while studying or working without financial pressure. Schilling believes that “if you want to be successful, you shouldn’t have money and business as your motivation.”

but It worked for Preisler.

Today, with the account @Jummymum_official, the 23-year-old has over 200,000 followers on TikTok and over 40,000 on Instagram while Earn between 3,000 and 8,000 Euro per month. business Insider These figures have been confirmed with the data provided by Presler.

However, it is likely that influencer thank you too Professional Skills: While influencers typically make most of their money from advertising collaborations, the position of the damsel is widespread and He has learned to exploit his reach in other ways.

His first big profits came with his own brand

Preisler, summer 2020 decided to open his own online store, At that time 60,000 users were following him on Tiktok. it was his brother who encouraged him Turn your social media reach into a business: “He asked me to do something and register it as a company.” Preisler took the advice: “I went into the business office really shaken,” he says, looking back.

At first, the online store, where she sold handmade jewelry and jewelry in collaboration with small makers in her neighborhood, advertised it only through her social media channels. The concept was a success. “Overnight 5,000 euros were deposited into my account from orders,” says Preisler.

for a time, In this way the girl is earning well. But at the same time as he received more and more support requests for his accounts, the store was taking up more and more of his time. So in April 2021 they decided to sell the online store, however, Negotiated 10% share of sales, “That’s how I managed to generate passive income,” he explains.

But the store’s new owner was unable to handle the large number of orders, says Preisler, and complaints slowly started pouring in. That time, influencer He had to explain from time to time that he no longer worked at the storewhich eventually closed.

During that brief period, his image suffered greatly.

He turned social media marketing into his business

In early 2022, Preisler discovers another branch of social media MarketingUGC: User-generated content, or UGC for its short form in English.

Producers create a series of clips on behalf of a brand in which they showcase and promote a product, much like popular stories Influencers. Even then, Videos are published directly by the brand, not through a creator’s account.

“If you don’t have a plan B, you’re finished”: how social network chaos hurts the most vulnerable ‘influencers’

The faces of the creators are often unknown. So brands also take advantage of the influence that seemingly personalized recommendations have, Trying to appear more authentic. Plus, it’s often cheaper than paying big influencers to advertise a product on their channels.

Preisler’s claim (and business Insider confirms) that for a time he was earning up to 6,000 euros a month With the development of this type of marketing.

He says, at that very moment he understood i like what she did, even on other people’s channels. “Some of my promotional videos were viewed half a million times,” the young woman says.

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