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This article is not created by any artificial intelligence

I was 14 when I touched my pussy for the first time. And I was dreaming. I still remember all the details: we were both standing in my room, my chest on his back, my mouth searching for a slender neck that was always hidden behind a very long blonde hair in class and my right hand That warm and moist thing that used to happen inside was mentioned so many times in my virgin circles but never heard a touching description of it. Until that night, she had no idea how she felt. Roughness of shaved hair. Slippery object The pressure exerted by the walls on the fingers. Until that morning it was a top secret. It happened again more than two years later. This time in the real world. This time without the alarm clock. And I swear by all the electrons in the universe that sensations were detected. That dream was like a window to the future. Or the collective mind. I have never solved it and will not solve it.

But if

This story is true. Or at least as real as a story born from the imperfect world of dreams and memory can be. This is not fiction. And the question it provokes in me – did I anticipate those sensations by delicious chance? or did i not really predict them but i feel like as a result worm The way my brain remembers?—are questions that, in one way or another, you understand as well. because you are human just like me, Because you share the illusion of living. Because you too know the feeling of finding yourself overwhelmed by a vast and complex reality that you cannot fully understand. We have a shared history. Whatever path you’ve traveled all these years: we are the same. My stories speak in a language that is not alien to you because I am not alien to you. Even if you ignore my face or my favorite dinosaur.

This is very different from AI typing like ChatGPT. A few weeks ago, a friend gave this artificial intelligence some texts I had written before and asked him to write a new one like me. The result could have been improved, as redundancy and a certain lack of ingenuity tainted the text, but the likeness was still superb. With a little tweaking, one could have a Juanan that writes content in seconds, And the same would be true of painters, photographers, musicians or programmers. AI will surpass us in efficiency. it is inevitable. You will have the opportunity to tell the AI ​​how you want a novel, a movie or a video game and it will create it for you instantly. Everything à la carte. Everything personalized. Of course: without another human being pouring their heart and life experience into it.

and that should make us think

Sapiens are social animals and many of our behaviours, including art, unconsciously pursue interpersonal communication which strengthens relationships. Cervantes, Spierlberg and Quevedo want their works to reach others. Not just because it’s going to provide them with money: the main reason is that without a receiver there would be no artistic communication. And the same is true in the opposite direction. what got you excited girls or listening to a song tristancia The fact of Bon Iver that there are other people behind it who have experienced something that you can relate to. The message of that series or that song reaches your heart as you connect with other sapiens and that is one of the essential desires of our species. Can you feel that, no matter how beautiful, with a song created by an AI that never suffered?

In 1974 philosopher Robert Nozick published his essay Anarchy, State and Utopia, in which he devoted a section to a thought experiment called the Experience Machine, through which he wondered whether people would join the Happiness Machine, even if it meant living forever in a false reality. a roll matrix but color teenager And probably with multiple recurring orgasms. His answer was no. that deep down all people need to live an authentic life, One where they really bond with other people. A confused, uncertain and at times painful, but always real. Because that’s what we’ve been programmed for. That’s why you persist in believing that your reality show Favorite is not hyphenated. Or that Rosalia sings live when she appears on television. you can’t do with communication Fake,

And that’s not to say that creative AIs are necessarily bad. They are not the cordyceps of our world. They will make life more pleasant for millions of people. Many artists will exploit them to complete projects. and they will fill the world with more and more entertainment to alleviate a vital boredom which we seem least able to bear. Technophobia is absurd. And very counterproductive: technology will continue to advance. And those of us left without work will adapt and survive. This is not a problem. It is, perhaps, just perhaps, that decade after decade we are killing, as the historian Harari said in his famous essay sapiens, Allowed us to step out of the woods and be who we are: common stories, Without him, without purely human stories, ours, shared, we are something else.

the fact that?

Certainly somewhat more solitary. Individuals who will not reduce loneliness, more and more extended, more and more chronic through art. Individuals who will not absorb the pain, joy, fear or desires of others through stories, songs or drawings designed by them. In any case, human art, person-to-person art, may become a kind of bohemian relic in these digital days of Spotify, like vinyl. Your best works will be on demand, but they will not bring you the same as the unfinished works of artists, And who knows: perhaps connecting to this very human need, creative AI is brought back into corporate work. Perhaps the bookstore shelves are not full of books written by him. It may be such nonsense texts, clumsily written, full of plot holes, but ultimately humans will prevail.

Perhaps most people feel the same way as Nick Cave when reading a letter created by ChatGPT based on one of his own lyrics: “With all the love and respect in the world, this song is rubbish, a whack for what it is. is a joke.” Humans”. Maybe the future will bring us another plot twist that changes everything. In any case, the purpose of this text is not to inspire any resistance. What has to come will come. And once again we’ll be able to fit the pieces together to continue here. If human art becomes extinct one day, I like to think that we will find another bridge between us and we will not widen the space that separates us. Far and away. more and more anxious. More and more sad. I believe in humanity. So I am not proposing that we stop technological progress and save human art. only that at the very least, if the case arises, we cry for him because he deserves,

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