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This artificial intelligence is destined to change the world of film and voice acting, and it saved the 2022 film Stephen King from burning down.

It’s no doubt one of the great events that’s rocked the world—and, in particular, the network—in recent months. boom artificial intelligence, In a matter of weeks, tools like Dall-E or Chat GPT have become the viral sensations of the moment our flood feed With countless text-created images, debates about the meaning of the concepts of art and artist, and especially apocalyptic allusions.

The reality is that, if we focus on the field of audiovisual production – and in particular, on the post-production phase -, AI has been with us for a long time and is making our lives a lot easier integrated into software Popularly known as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. However, these aids with a very prudent profile are being accepted A technological development that has reached astonishing speed,

One of the latest signs of the limits these processes have reached is NVIDIA leaving the broadcast update in its infancy, causing our eyes to look directly at the camera even when they’re focused on some other point. It’s made by the FlawlessIA company and it opens up a future full of possibilities that will probably give more than one of them goosebumps, but which Can mark before and after for film studios and dubbing actors and actresses,

useless for freaks

In 2022, Scott Mann released his fourth feature film under the title ‘Fall’, a survival thriller that went through the final edition of the Sitges Festival in which two women become trapped 600 meters high after climbing a communications tower. Fortunately or Unfortunately, film starring Grace Fulton and Virginia Garden earned an R rating for its foul language, which included 35 “shit”. In its original version.

Distributor Lionsgate sought due to the problem of extracting profitability from productions with ratings for adults. A soft cut to reach a PG13, more accessible and easier to market. to make it, The MPAA required that there be only one use of the earlier word In all footage; A real headache that can turn into a disaster in the editing room or a considerable outlay to shoot shoots again of some scenes. And then AI came along.

Scott Mann, who has combined his career as a filmmaker with medium-focused artificial intelligence research in his start up FlawlessIA found the perfect excuse to test the system they developed with ‘Fall’: a software what Allows you to manipulate the actors’ faces and change their facial expressions and mouth gestures to fit the dialogue,

YouTube video

Thus, and as can be seen in the video on these lines, Mann and his team modified “nonsense” and turned them into “freaks”. – something equivalent to the exchange of our “hosts” for “oysters” -; Saving the ballot and allowing the $3 million budgeted film to garner over 7 million in the United States and over 17 million worldwide. they only needed Call the actresses into the studio, record some improvised dialogues and let the AI ​​do its magic,

FlawlessIA is a very powerful tool at work, which, in addition to increasing the room for maneuver for studios and filmmakers after principal photography is over, is said to change the world of dubbing forever, Anyone who has ever stood behind a lectern to lend their voice to a character interpreted in another language will know that one of the greatest difficulties a syncretism in which the days could be numbered,

so that the dubbing is as natural as possible and does not confuse the audience, The syllables and intonation of the voice should be adjusted as closely as possible to the movements of the interpreter’s lips on the screen, To do this, the dubbing actor or actress must measure the speed of their interpretation, sometimes being forced to repeat. Takes Until finding the right “synchronous”. It is already known that in the audio-visual industry, time is money, and Mann’s work can bring great benefits in this regard.

let’s calm down

YouTube video

While many may, without reason, be tempted to catastrophize and predict an almost dystopian near future, and with this in mind, as we mentioned earlier, the disruption of AI in the medium nothing recent, it’s harsh Focus on the benefits that this technology can bring For areas covered in film or television productions like this one.

On the one hand, we find studios and men and women in suits and briefcases who will have A comprehensive safety net while investing in projects, Factors like potential savings shoots again hey Two good examples are the option to offer different age-rated versions focused on the language without huge additional costs.

On the other hand, workers in the world of dubbing would also benefit, starting with a few translators Find text more easily without adjusting syllables and searching for synonyms and phrases that match the original lipstick. In addition, actors and actresses can focus their efforts on interpretation—despite continuing, with greater freedom, pending tempo and cadence—which can translate better results on a theatrical level,

Of course, there’s still a lot to do and improve upon — Uncanny Valley is making an appearance — but this is the least of the lot when talking about topics like this. The real problem lies in the use that can be given to this type of utility. social political And that, if we get conspiratorial, The horrors of after-the-truth can be left in diapers,

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