This California City Is About to Become the Number One Place to Live in the State

Half Moon Bay, a small town on the coast of California
  • Oakland, CA has become a destination for home buyers due to its affordable home prices, economic opportunity, and cultural richness.
  • The city is experiencing a real estate boom, with lower housing prices than San Francisco and plans to build an additional 36,000 housing units over the next decade.
  • Oakland offers great neighborhoods, schools, attractions, and continuously improving housing options, making it a popular choice for families, investors, and renters.

Perfectly located east of San Francisco Bay, Oakland, California, has seen a surge of interest in modern times. With great schools, public transportation and infrastructure, and home prices and availability, this Northern California city has become a must visit and live in the Golden State.

Many believe that Oakland, CA, is poised to become the number one place to live in the state, and for good reason. Long overshadowed by its neighbors, Oakland is now in the spotlight as America’s hottest real estate market. With a median sales price of $925K, which witnessed an impressive 8.8% year-over-year increase, Oakland has become a destination for home buyers looking for an ideal mix of affordability, economic opportunities, and cultural richness. It also doesn’t hurt that this California city is near some of the state’s best wine country.

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Half Moon Bay, A Small Town On The Coast Of California


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On top of that, Oakland’s growth has seen the city expand to a population estimated at 433,000 and is set to continue rising over the next decade. California has endless towns and cities to live in and travel to, but Oakland is quickly becoming the number one place to live in California.

Oakland, California Is Experiencing a Real Estate Boom

Oakland has lower home prices than San Francisco

Oakland Bridge, San Francisco

One of the many reasons Oakland is seeing a real estate and living boom is the city’s initiative to build more homes throughout its territory. This includes increasing its housing stock by 25%, building another 36,000 units over the next ten years.

Unlike much of the state, which hasn’t seen the numbers in the housing segment, Oakland is booming with no plans to slow down. This Bayside city offers people an escape from San Francisco, the fourth most populous city in the state.

Oakland is safer, more peaceful, and of course, less populated than San Francisco, which brings more people to its city lines. California has pioneered housing projects in countless cities, but Oakland leads the pack for several reasons.

  • Oakland, California’s real estate boom: California is encouraging its cities to build more housing units, with Oakland set to increase its housing stockpile by 36,000 over the next decade.
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Why Live In Oakland, California?

An Aerial View Of Oakland, California, Usa

Oakland, CA, is on trend as the state’s favorite place to live for several reasons, including its prime location, cleanliness, cost of living, and overall family appeal. With hills, valleys, bay views, and endless restaurants, hotels, and shopping, Oakland feels like a retreat from other nearby Bay Area areas.

Although beautiful, San Francisco also struggles with crime and falling property values. Oakland, however, tends to have rising property values ​​every year, which leads many families, investors, and renters to relocate.

It is also worth mentioning that Oakland, California, is very different and follows a more progressive policy regarding its politics. There’s a little something for everyone here, whether they work in San Francisco or the surrounding city. Northern, CA, is also known for having some of the state’s most beautiful hiking trails and nature areas, which don’t hurt.

  • Why people love Oakland: This city offers great property value, schools, dining and shopping, proximity to San Francisco, and an ever-growing selection of housing.
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What To Do In Oakland

Oakland has shops, museums, restaurants, and other attractions

Bicycling In Oakland California

There are many things to do for people interested in moving to Oakland. First, because the city is close to San Francisco, all the things to do there can also be done by those who live in Oakland. That includes San Francisco’s incredible nightlife.

However, focusing more on Oakland’s city limits, there are amazing, family-friendly activities, such as:

The list spans pages, so there’s never a dull day here. It’s also worth noting that when you live in Oakland, you’re close to Alameda, Piedmont, Berkeley, Albany, San Francisco, and of course, the exciting cities of Northern California are just a short drive away.

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It’s a great place to buy a home, rent an apartment, start a family, or start a career, so it’s set to become the most popular choice in the Golden State for years to come. We have seen this happen; Oakland is one of the hottest places in all of California to build a life!