This car closes in 2023 as the cheapest Suzuki: Price, engine, power and features

This car closes in 2023 as the cheapest Suzuki: Price, engine, power and features

When buying a car, it is important to consider a series of characteristics that ensure a successful investment. In the Mexican car market, there are affordable options that provide quality and performance. One of these options is Suzuki Ignis 2023 produced by the famous Japanese company Suzuki Motors Corporation.

Affordable Price: For those looking for an affordable car, the Suzuki Ignis is an excellent alternative. Prices for this gem of a car start at 230 thousand pesos, according to data from the Administrative Registry of the automotive industry of light vehicles in National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).

Suzuki in Mexico: Suzuki Motors Corporation landed in Mexico in 1996, initially producing motorcycles and, later, in 2005, expanding its production to cars.

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Suzuki Ignis 2023: Prices, models, features and power

Suzuki Ignis 2023 models: Suzuki Ignis stands out as one of the most economical models of the year 2023 in Mexico. This versatile vehicle is available in two versions:

Ignis with Manual Transmission: Its base price is $284,990.

Ignis with Automatic Transmission: It is priced at $304,990.

Main features: This vehicle is characterized by:

Engine and Power: It has a four-cylinder engine, 1.2 liter capacity and a power of 82 horsepower.

passing: Offers manual and automatic transmission options, both with five speeds.

Manifesting: In the city, the Suzuki Ignis achieves a performance of 19 km per liter, while on the highway it achieves 23 km per liter.

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Security: Safety is a priority when choosing a car. The Suzuki Ignis includes:

Airbags: It has two air bags.

Braking system: It has an anti-lock wheel system for safe braking.

Emergency Brake Assist: Provides assistance in emergency braking situations.

General characteristics: The Suzuki Ignis has equipment and technology, including:

Touch screen: A 7-inch touch screen.

Audio System: Includes AM and FM radio, USB port and audio system with two speakers.

Bluetooth connection: Facilitates connecting to mobile devices.

In short, the 2023 Suzuki Ignis is an attractive option for those looking for an affordable car with good performance and essential features. However, it is important to assess your personal needs and budget before making a purchase decision. Remember that investing in a car is worth carefully considering its features and benefits to make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle.

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