This cheap hatchback car is selling well, price less than 4 lakhs, mileage more than 31 kilometers

A large number of customers in India prefer to buy entry-level vehicles. Thousands of cars are sold in this segment every month. From Maruti Suzuki to Tata Motors, Hyundai India and Renault, there is fierce competition in this segment. Here we are going to tell you the sales statistics of entry-level hatchback car in May. In this case, if you are thinking of buying a cheap car, you will be able to make an easy decision.

Alto shows up again

The Maruti Suzuki Alto has again become the best-selling car in the entry-level segment. In May 2022, Maruti Suzuki Alto sold 12933 units. At the same time, only 3223 units were sold in May last year. Thus the car has achieved 302 percent growth. Let’s find out the price of the car starts from Rs 3.39 lakh. In addition to petrol engine it comes in CNG alternative. It gives mileage of 22.05kmpl on petrol and 31.59kmpl on CNG.


S-Presso ranks second in the segment. As of May 2022, 4475 units of the S-Presso have been sold. At the same time, only 1540 units were purchased in the same month last year. It is the safest car in its segment. The car has a 1.2-liter Revotron petrol engine that generates 84bhp of power and 113Nm of torque. Prices start at Rs 4 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Renault Quid

In third place was Renault Kwid, which sold only 1520 units in June. In May 2021, 2,441 units of the Kwid were purchased. That is, sales of these hatchbacks grew at an annual rate of 106%. The Renault Kwid comes in two petrol engines. It has 799 cc (53bhp and 72Nm) and 1.0 liter (67bhp and 91Nm) engine options. Car prices start from Rs 4.62 lakh (ex-showroom).


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