This electric propulsion system that is partially integrated into the wheel is suitable for electric scooters or large SUVs

This electric propulsion system that is partially integrated into the wheel is suitable for electric scooters or large SUVs

Hyundai and Kia presented their revolutionary ‘Uni Wheel’ propulsion system, a technology that allows part of the components dedicated to traction to be included in the wheel assembly. It allows the storage of space that can be dedicated to the comfort of the occupants and can be used for personal mobility vehicles such as an electric scooter, and for large cars in the SUV segment.

Hyundai and Kia may change the market 100% electric motion if they are able to improve and implement their technology Uni Wheel. They presented it in Seoul as an alternative to the traditional configuration of mechanical designs used today.

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The idea consists of fasten the traction system part to the wheel assembly in a car. The transmission gives way to a reduction gear that is attached to the rim and does not require CV joints.

the power unit remains outside the wheel, that is, what will be the motor, but it can be smaller and independent per wheel with greater efficiency in transmitting torque through the gear system.

In addition, the fact that each wheel has its own motor and can move without depending on any connection with the others, actually contributes to the acquisition Higher performance and greater stability especially the driven car is more performance oriented.

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That part of the traction system located inside the tire is also an advantage when it comes to it gain space on the set. Free space will be available gain millimeters of interior space dedicated to the inhabitants, to the development of trunk or ‘frunk’ capacity or even the reposition other components in the car, like a bigger battery, without the need to grow the whole car.

Also, because of the way gears work, they can shift up or down assimilate the irregularities on the ground without losing strength. In combination with a mechanical suspension you can work quickly different heights from the body to the ground without affecting the way the system works.

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This is not a technology designed only for cars, but the ‘Uni Wheel’ can be integrated into the wheels of between four and 25 inches. Which means it can be used in the propulsion system of a electric scooter a wheelchair, an ebike or the emerging delivery robots.

South Korean manufacturers continue to work on the development of this system, which they have already patented in Korea, Europe and the United States.

It is too early to know when it will be possible to see the ‘Uni Wheel’ working on a production car serial.