This elegant and modern sofa bed is ideal for unexpected late visits


Holidays and winter holidays are approaching, which means that family may visit you and if you don’t have enough beds, then you want to take advantage of Liverpool is putting up for auction an elegant and modern sofa bed ideal for unexpected visits.

These types of things are very useful because among their many advantages are: they save space, they are as comfortable as a real bed, they fit perfectly in your living room, they are durable, they are easy that can be expanded and their price is affordable.

For all of the above, sofa beds have become an important item in homes, because they are not only perfect for sitting and watching television or a movie marathon, but also for the whole rest as if you were in your own bed.

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This is the elegant and modern sofa bed with a ‘discount’ in Liverpool.

So if you want to have a sofa bed at home for a long time, you should take advantage of the fact that Liverpool has an elegant and modern auction, whose price you will not forget.

About this Bossa Independencia sofa bed whose regular cost is 5,499 pesos, but now there is an attractive discount, so you can buy it at 3 thousand 499 pesos.

It’s worth mentioning that if you can’t pay it in cash, you can pay it for over six months interest-free with your Liverpool card or over three months interest-free with other cards.

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This ideal item for your living room measures 165 centimeters in length, 76 centimeters in width and 72 centimeters in height, while its weight is 80 kilos.

The structure is made of wood, the fabric is polyester and the filling is foam. Its backrest is reclining and the type of comfort is medium.

now that you know the elegant and modern sofa bed ideal for unexpected visits prepared in Liverpool What are you waiting for to bring it home?