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This game has more than 120,000 positive reviews on Steam and is now at a 60% discount: the perfect opportunity to find a brutal shooter

Crytek’s first-person shooter is currently available for 15.99 European coins and offers online action and over-the-top tension in abundance.

March 6, 2023, 11:00 – Updated March 7, 2023, 13:45

The same thing always happens to me: from time to time, I return to Hunt: Showdown, like moths to a fire. I remember that I experienced it for the first time shortly after the initial release, back in the very distant 2018, and that it gradually ended up being the “consolation game” of my groups, along with League of Legends (a guilty pleasure I tend to hide myself in order to maintain public dignity) and the latest iteration 4 Dead and co-op shooters, whatever that is, and pretty much whatever it’s called. Here we continue, waiting to see what will happen with Redfall, and in the meantime Hunt: Showdown, in the background, casually seducing us again in the face of its cruel, merciless and dark online first-person shooter…

Now that the title is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a 60% discount (its €15.99 on Steam, compared to the usual €39.99), it seems like the perfect opportunity to talk a little about how it can become one of the. The heaviest and most effective IPS of its kind has unfortunately also become one of the heaviest idlers.

A unique first person shooter

Of course, Hunt: Showdown can be criticized a few times, especially in terms of itself and itself, but it cannot be accused of being unoriginal. In an era not so widespread, in which the clash of shooters and mobs with an iron fist (sometimes it comes in a kind of mutual hybridization, like Overwatch), Crytek arrived, already having some reputation, and gave birth to the legendary Crysis, and he said. “Well, it doesn’t seem to me that only other players kill you, everything in my game kills you.”

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This is exactly where the gameplay formula comes from, which mixes player vs. player (PVP) and player vs environment (PVE) parties, in a very atypical and intimate royal arena, with missions for up to twelve players (you can go alone or in teams of two or three people), where you must assume the role of a bounty hunter who He must take down a supernatural creature and retrieve his trophy at the extraction point…and survive in the process.

Of course, magic happens between: desperate shoots between players with Western or preeminent World War I weapons, ambushes in deserted cliffs, campers hidden on the bank of the river with the happiest bushes, psychopaths armed with shotguns and Molotov cocktails… There are very few rules in Hunt: Showdown; Not surprisingly, your goal is to take prey from another hunter, perhaps from the still-warm fingers of a fresh corpse. Also, if what your body already has is not strong enough, it will be very difficult for you until you learn about alien creatures, pathogens, whatever loving infected controlled artificial intelligences that make things very difficult. to deal with them very well. It is something like what I told you before; Here everything kills you, or at least sets a certain challenge, a creative idea that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the title.

Supernatural hunting in the Louisiana swamps

Let’s get into the situation. We are in Louisiana at the end of the 19th century, that is, a few years before the first great war of human life; Of course, these are times of mystery, uncertainty, especially in the dark and swampy regions of South America, in a world governed by its infinite windings, stories of impossible creatures, and an incredible cosmogony based on voodoo. Here, in Mississippi’s meandering dead, ghostly souls begin to appear, alien beings of immense power who, of course, soon begin to mess things up. People are dying, there are biblical plagues spread everywhere, hells are appearing, people are beehives of those horrible bug houses inside (hells too), groups of giant leeches in the rivers, semi-human spiders that are very vaguely reminiscent of Quelaag, hooded by the Dark Souls. full of centipedes and ghosts…

An absolute disaster, come on. Soon after entering the league, a clandestine organization of hunters with paranormal powers to deal with all these nightmarish threats. Of course with one caveat: the end justifies the means. Betrayals, assassinations, and marriages happen all the time, at the mercy of hunters greedy for money, glory, and power. Needless to say, the idea has always seemed disgusting to me, since all its elements, both playful and narrative, work in perfect harmony to create a heavy atmosphere, charged with tension, where death hangs around every corner and every bullet rests. What’s more, the gun thing is quite demanding, after one or two shots you go to the grave and lose both the hunter you were carrying and all the equipment (weapons, consumables, etc.) you were carrying with you. he had learned the arts. Fortunately, it’s not as desperate as Escape from Tarkov (another great game) can be, since you can buy weapons before entering the game and there are other game modes that can help you make quick money if you need it.

There are many little things which have left me in the dark, many more; If you want to know what they are, I recommend that you go through the analysis that we did at the time of 3DJuegos. I’ve always been amazed at Hunt: Showdown, who hasn’t stopped blowing up, and hasn’t found the fame he always deserved, in my opinion. It is true that the proposal is a bit angular, a slightly harder title, which is substantially far from a more direct and relaxed approach, such as Fortnite or Apex Legends, is now sold, and that has a large inventory. Weapons, skins, and various missions of the game, it seems to me an ideal opportunity to test and also discover. It’s one of those shots that, no matter how much you want them, are burned into your memory.

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