This great high-end laptop drops 40% with 1TB, 32GB RAM, 4K, and infinite battery

razer blade 17 laptop

Do you want to upgrade your laptop, but you need the absolutely highest quality? In that case, it Razer It is a true gem in every respect. This is one of the best processor From 2024, 32 GB of RAM and, if all this wasn’t enough, also 1 TB of storage. And you will get it with discount at PcComponentes 40% Which will leave you speechless.

Computer gaming Their price is always very high compared to other types of devices, and their components are absolutely of high quality. And they also take one with them dedicated graphics card, which makes it even more expensive. That’s why we always recommend betting on them when they are on sale, as is the case with this laptop. Razer,

This computer is worthy of the highest range, and this is something that you will be able to feel from the first moment of its Specifications, Plus, there’s a 40% discount on PcComponentes right now that you won’t be able to resist, so keep reading! Because we are going to tell you everything about them.

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32 GB RAM, 1 TB and a high-end processor

As we have said, this razer blade 17 This is a real animal. This is the pinnacle of power, and specially designed for those who are really demanding.

We should start by talking about the imposition of Screen whose size is negligible 17.3 inches, Not only this, it also has a resolution 4K, something that only a few laptops offer. And even its refresh rate is neither high nor low 144 hertz Ideal for even the most demanding games.

Razer Blade 17 Laptop

Apart from its screen, which is very interesting, we have to talk about its internal specifications. First of all it has a processor intel core i9 12th generation, perfect for play, work and practically everything you want. To this we have to add a RAM memory 32 GB One of the most powerful you will find right now.

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Razer Blade 17 Laptop Computer

Are you concerned about storage? Well, with this laptop you won’t have to do that. And we’re talking nothing more and nothing less than that 1 TB SDD Perfect for storing all your favorite games.

As we noted at the beginning, it is essential that a good gaming computer has a good graphics card. In this case, it is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB.

Get this laptop at the best price for a limited time

There are other details as well that will make the difference between this laptop and other laptops. Like, for example, the fact that it has a keyboard At the very top for both the technology hidden inside and its backlight, And it has Razer Chroma technology, one of the most valuable for its customizability.

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they are connectivity This is quite good, as it offers two Thunderbolt ports, one USB C 3.2 port, and three USB A 3.2 ports in addition to HDMI. And, if that wasn’t enough, its battery is also very interesting. Take a look at it, as it is at its all-time low price right now, and we guarantee this is a completely unmissable opportunity.


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