This hybrid SUV will be cheaper than the Toyota Yaris Cross, which is more powerful

This hybrid SUV will be cheaper than the Toyota Yaris Cross, which is more powerful and has more trunk

Dacia has done nothing but present the renewal of the only SUV it has in its range, the Dusterbut. Because of how it was made and the success that the previous generation had, it can be said that it is already one of the most anticipated cars in Spain.

One aspect that makes this model very interesting is that for the first time it has hybrid mechanics in its size, which should place it in a privileged position in the market because, as the brand itself commented on the launch of the Duster, “it combines the cheapest rates in its segment with a more spacious cabin.”

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Its height does not differ from the previous generation, which remained at 4.34 meters.

Thus, the model could be the most affordable hybrid in its segment, although there is always permission to change the MG ZS, which should also come with a variant powered by a conventional hybrid engine.

Among the many details provided by Dacia about the new Duster, on the other hand, its final price is not, because the brand reserves the right to announce it later, when its sales date is near. However, due to how Dacia has changed the model and from the pure context, we can guess in which price range it will be placed.

The hybrid version is only available with an automatic transmission and does not have a 4×4 option.

The keys around which the price of the new hybrid Duster will be placed are the price of the previous generation, which starts, according to the Dacia website, at 18,948 euros; of the Renault Captur E-Tech, which, with its 27,016 euros and due to the brand approach, should always be more expensive than the Romanian; and also of an SUV that is a rival of the Captur and the Duster. , the Toyota Yaris Cross, whose starting price is 25,950 euros.

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It is also the Yaris Cross, precisely, that currently has that advantageous position compared to other SUVs sold in Spain. There is no other model sold in Spain with its type of bodywork, equipped with conventional hybrid mechanics at a lower price, which makes it one of the best-selling models in Europe in an authoritative way.

Considering all the above and that the most basic version will also slightly increase its price, perhaps even touching 20,000 euros, the Dacia Duster Hybrid 140 should set the starting price around 23,000 euros for the simplest version of its equipment.

The range will be made of Essential, Expression, Extreme, and Journey finishes, although predictable, and as in the case of the Jogger Hybrid 140, the hybrid version will not use the most basic finish but can start directly from the Expression.

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