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This is a NATO base in Romania

Seven Italian pilots guard 24 hours a day Airport by Mihail Kogalnicianu, on the coast of the Black Sea, is known in Romania as MK. They review three Eurofighter Typhoon in a row Fighter aircraft of the Italian Air Force arrived just ten days earlier to replace the Canadian troops. Actually, the fourth aircraft is going to arrive in the coming days.

Two fighter jets are ready to take off, and a third is on standby. Each instrument belongs to one pilot, who knows every detail from helmet position to jump start protocol. It is very important that you are as familiar with the machinery as possible When the alarm sounds they have a maximum of 15 minutes to fly,

,“In our jargon we say: like a train you fly and you fly like a train”,

“In our jargon we say: train like you fly and fly like you train,” explains Michele Morelli, commander in charge of this air detachment. “It’s the only way a pilot can accomplish his mission and know what to do at all times.”

Missile launcher from NATO airbase in Romania. marta carazo

Morelli has been in the service for 30 years and has been in the cities 13 times in the last 20 years, settling in Italy, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, the United States … In Romania, he is in charge 150 Italian Air Force soldiersWho is in charge of monitoring NATO’s airspace in the south-eastern part for the next six months, along with Spanish and Romanian troops stationed at other bases in the country.

Monitoring from Torrejón de Ardoz in Madrid

The alarm surprises us sipping coffee while sheltering from the cold and rain in a shelter-tent. A phrase sounds through the base speakers, Cautious Mayhem, Cautious Mayhemthat comes from Torrejón Joint Air Operations Center, in Madrid, is in charge of monitoring and controlling radar south of an imaginary line drawn by the Alliance in the Alps. This alert is activated when an aircraft is detected that does not respond to radio signals.

This Wednesday the alarm is false and in spite of that, “something jumps inside you, your heart races and the excitement begins,” says Morelli, “even if it’s training.” This commander feels trained for any situation.

,We have weapons and we know how to use them, we’re ready to do it, but we don’t want to“, he confirms. “Our work has not changed in recent months,” he assures, adding that “we are not at war, we are at peace and we protect the allied skies as we did before the war did.”

Commander Michele Morelli and another Italian soldier at the Mihail Kogalniceanu base in Romania. marta carazo

Russian annexation of Crimea: the germ of the surveillance system

Illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 Woke up the Atlantic Alliance. The threat that the conflict would cross the Black Sea and reach allied territory alerted the air surveillance system and the need to support countries such as romania, which shares a 530 kilometer border with Ukraine, Its purpose is to demonstrate the defensive nature of NATO, deterring Russia from any aggression or threat to the Allies.

Eight years have passed and with real war on NATO’s borders, this shield of airspace has become, a core of the alliance’s security structure, The continued Russian bombing of Ukrainian territory and the missile accident in Poland have not increased the threat level, but they reinforce the importance of an anti-missile defense system.

one of them is the french system seeing, stationed at Capu Midea, another Romanian base, since May. It is a training base 90 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, 300 kilometers from the Crimean peninsula. There, the Romanian Air Force trains on six square kilometers of land and up to 100 square kilometers of sea. Among other things, they guard an oil platform located 90 kilometers away.

However, they do not have the resources to deploy such a powerful anti-missile system. MAMBA is part of NATO’s integrated air and missile defense system, along with the German Patriots stationed in Slovakia, the United States in Poland or the Spanish NASAMS system in Latvia.

A shuttle that can fire eight missiles in ten seconds

we check how are you shuttleA semi-hidden truck behind a pile of dirt, opens in a minute, It has a capacity of one to eight missiles, which can be launched in a maximum of ten seconds if required.

,“This is a vertical launch system, which allows you to detect and attack targets in any direction”,

“They are Aster30 missiles,” Commander Chris details. “It is a vertical launch system, which allows you to detect and attack a target in any direction.” It has a maximum speed of 1.4 kilometers per second and has the capability to engage targets at altitudes between 50 meters and 20 kilometers. Its maximum range reaches 100 kilometers.

Two soldiers next to a fighter at the Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase in Romania. marta carazo

Commander Chris won’t tell us his last name. In fact, this base contains confidential information and they restrict our movements more zealously than MK. French soldiers move more cautiously, showing us the MAMBA system control center for only a few minutes.

Again, a camouflaged truck in the middle of the field, with five stalls inside. They monitor radar signals and are linked to the NATO Control Center, the Torrejon Control Center and the Bucharest Control Center, where tactical assessments are made. ,It has been decided to jointly deploy missiles“, they assure.

He heaved a sigh of relief after the TVE team left. Journalists’ questions make him uncomfortable, although he answers with all the readiness that his position allows him. NATO wants to show off its capabilities, how it works to deter and defend “every inch of allied territory”, as its Secretary-General repeatedly stresses. But with caution. “We cannot give information to the enemy,” they insist from Romania.

However, they do not want alarm either as they insist that “we are not here to intervene in the war.” ,I would define this as an intermediate level of dangerCommander Chris clarifies. “We’re not at war, we’re not in trouble, we’re at peace. However, we know that something is happening right now very close to NATO territory, and that’s why we are here,” he remarked.

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