“This is a peaceful agrarian reform, we will buy the lands”: Minister of Agriculture


In the dialogue of the Weekend Newscast of Caracol Radio, the Minister of Agriculture Jhenifer Mojica spoke about the regulatory orders that will be presented to the national government to promote the agrarian reform in the country, due to the criticism and alerts generated in its content .

“We left an economy based on coal, which is destructive. Agrarian reform is the key to this. In Colombia we have been trying to implement agrarian reform for more than 100 years and it has not been achieved. The commitment of the Government a peaceful agrarian reform,” said the head of the portfolio.

This ‘peaceful’ proposal, the minister himself explained, means that “we will buy the lands, we say it in every letter”; This purchase will be made at the value given in the commercial appraisal. This, because as he warned, “currently a part of farmers in Colombia do not have land to work, or not enough. Our agrarian reform is a proposal based on the purchase of land (… ) the land must be produced; “It cannot be capricious, it must fulfill a social function.”

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Mojica announced on the microphones of Caracol Radio that “we, within the commitment of the Government, want to buy one and a half million hectares of land.” And he repeated with special emphasis that it would not be expropriated: “we want to adapt the land, so that more Colombians have ownership of their lands, they can get their credits.”

Regarding the decree that seeks to promote the mobilization of farmers, the minister said that “we should not be afraid of our rural society that shows, organizes or tells us what the priorities are. What is the fear of leaving the a space for democracy? I’m surprised by this huge misinformation campaign. They say we want to form illegal groups, buy weapons and burn the streets. Please, it doesn’t say that. ”

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The head of the rural portfolio also spoke about the controversy with the president of Fedegán, Jose Felix Lafaurie, after his criticism of these decrees. “We continued the agreement with Fedegán, but we have been there for more than a year and the results are not enough. Therefore, we need that will to become a reality. In fact, he requested: “It is important to help him to send messages of peace.”

For the Minister of Agriculture, “there are many people from the private sector who agree with us. “We cannot allow the atmosphere to become sour because two or three aggressive voices want to take our bet to a better one country into a dark matter.”

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This Monday, September 11, Mojica revealed, the Congressional Peace Commission will lead a meeting between him and the president of Fedegán, to mediate the differences regarding the agrarian reform. This is after congressmen from the Democratic Center and the Historical Pact agreed to ask them to sit down and talk.