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This is because you wake up in the morning and then you can’t sleep

Through the night the same thing happened. We slept a lot, but after a few hours (approx 3 a.mmore or less) waking up. We look at the clock and think about the few hours we have left until the bell. terror. So we begin to invest that which cannot be realized the next day. Which makes things even worse and we can’t To slip into sleep.

Sadly, that phenomenon the most common This also happens to many people. This is done when ad certain age because we sleep much lighter than when we were younger. Add to that if we also have an obsessive personality or have a certain tendency anxiety it will happen to us much more.

Always the same

When we sleep we go through many sleep times. In the early hours of the night we recover the fatigue of the body… as if we were to fill the glass of energy consumed throughout the day. Then we enter REM phase which is the moment in which we restore mental powers, such as memory or intellectual agility.

The first part of the sleep cycle is a few three hours more or less And once we pass this time, let us become more probably whatever happened around us. Again, when we have reached this point, our body no longer requires us to sleep, which we had at the beginning of the night. That is why we woke up once; It is very difficult for us to fall asleep again.

Below is the series tips It will help you to prevent this painful thing, and it will help you to have it restful and continuous sleep:

do not stay in bed

If you want to see that you too changed or how 20 minutes Wake up, it’s the best you can give a little walk at home You can go to another room and do a quiet activity without much exposure to light, such as file as long as I give some fastidious action which encourages you to receive the dream.

and the spirit exercises

Put your hand on your belly, and breathe deeply and slowlynoticing how the belly rises and falls. Try to concentrate on this: on your breath. In this way, you will enter the state relaxation it will help you to go back to sleep.

do not look back at the time

It is consistent. Every time we wake up in the middle of the night, this is the first thing that comes to mind how much time is left for the cock, to sing. It is an impulse that we must control, because we have been obsessed with looking at the time, and this generates a . anxiety so as to prevent him from falling asleep easily.

Keep a consistent sleep schedule

We get the attitude they tend to repeat themselves. Therefore, it is important that we try to get into bed every day towards one on certain days and that we wake up at a certain time every day. Yes, it’s important that you don’t in bed to sleep and romantic They are not in the habit of staying in bed during the day. You the brain You need to associate the mattress with sleep, so that when it is time to sleep, your mind will get used to it.

Light dinner

Great meals at lunch will make time digestion more serious, and will interfere with the attainment of sleep. you should not ” to drink alcohol before sleep, because alcohol not only encourages us to wake up in the middle of the night, but also inhibits the antidiuretic hormone, which makes us get up several times a night to go to the bathroom.

not screens

According to the Catalan Retina Institute, it has blue light from the scales movingand we do not need ourselves at all at night. If you want to take a cell phone, or a computer, or a television… it should only be something with a soporific effect, like documentary film, music to relax or exercise meditation they directed

Exercise during the day

It is recommended not only because it is healthy to stay strong, but also because we need to drain our body in order to sleep. But remember: You don’t have to a huge exercise before going to sleep… that will wake us up and prevent us from falling asleep. What can we do? he will stop practicing about 35 minutes before going to sleep, like yoga, for example. These exercises do not excite the pulse too much and do not secrete a lot of adrenaline. For what can he do? salutary to sleep

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