This is Gemini Ultra, it costs 400 pesos per month to use

This is Gemini Ultra, it costs 400 pesos per month to use

Google’s chatbot, Bard, Now it will simply be called Gemini And the most powerful version of its artificial intelligence model, Gemini Ultra, can now be used from Mexico with the new Google One plan.

In an update to its blog, Google mentioned that Gemini (formerly Bard) continues to use the Pro 1.0 model and also revealed the launch of two new features: Gemini Advanced and a new app,

Gemini Advanced and its new plan

Gemini Advanced is Google’s version of AI with ultra 1.0 version Of the latest generation, which is bigger in parameters and also the most capable among its three models.

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According to Google, this version is able to outperform ChatGPT and GPT-4 in many ways tasks like coding, logical reasoning, detailed instructions and collaboration on projects. The company indicates that some of its applications are meant to be personal tutors, assist with advanced coding scenarios or assist in creating new content.

To use Gemini Advanced it will be necessary to purchase a new Google One plan in its AI variant, which is already available in Mexico, for the moment only in English, Monthly price of 395 pesos With a two-month free trial.

The new AI Premium plan can be purchased only on a monthly basis

A new app with Gemini

Google is also there Google Assistant update for smartphones With AI, so there will be a new application for both iOS and Android.

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This will allow the phone to write, speak or add an image Contact the new AI assistant for answers Whether for instructions, drawing, or asking for help writing.

In the case of Android, the AI ​​can be downloaded from the Play Store and will be activated from its own app. Assistant activates from anywhere With the same gestures or words “hello google“, which will also enable contextual help on the screen.

For iOS, access Gemini This will come as a shortcut in the Google app Which will be released in the coming weeks, will allow you to create personalized images, help when writing posts or assist in appointment planning.

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For now, Gemini for smartphones Will be available in English for the United States And in more regions and languages ​​like Japanese and Korean in the coming weeks.


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