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This Is How a Mild Hypnosis App Improved My Productivity

  • Julie Peck is a freelancer who was having trouble focusing, so she tried the app BrainTap.
  • BrainTap uses audio programs to address problems such as insomnia, stress and concentration.
  • The Hypnosis app was a general success, but it is expected that some features will be improved in the next version.
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Working from home is great, until it stops being good and you don’t resort to techniques like hypnosis.

And that’s that there’s always something pending to clean up, a baby to raise or something extra. Not only am I self-employed and a mother, but I also took care of my mother at home until she passed away in March 2022.

It’s fair to say that many distractions threaten to disrupt my workday. I start writing when, out of nowhere, my mind reminds me of the to-do list that is constantly breathing down my neck. Boom! I lost my train of thought.

This lack of focus also often spills over into my free time.

As I try to relax with my kids or friends, I may be reminded of an email I need to send, a story I need to work on, or a contact I need to call back. need

When I realized how my inability to concentrate was eating up what little time I spent with my teenage children, I knew I had to act.

To Combat My Difficulty Focusing, I Tried An App

BrainTap, backed by venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Nicholas Zaldastani, who is now the company’s president, is an app that offers audio programs to address problems such as insomnia, stress relief, and weight loss through mild hypnosis.

On the surface, the audio tracks look like simple guided meditations set to music, but the website explained that they’re more sophisticated than that: They’re embedded with binaural beats, a sound effect that mimics the way the left and right ears perceive the sound. Uses vowels. To create unique frequencies that generate relaxing brain waves.

They also have syncopated tones, or regular beats of just one, which stimulate the brain to keep moving and thus induce relaxation.

Both techniques have been used and studied for years, but BrainTap claims that the way it combines them with proprietary algorithms is unique.

Similar audio programs are freely available on YouTube and Spotify, as well as rival meditation apps such as Insight Timer, Sacred Acoustics and Equisync.

Patrick Porter, a writer with a PhD in Clinical Psychology, founded BrainTap in 2014.

He won several Consumer Electronics Show awards in the late 90s for his MC2 brain entertainment device and founded the first Positive Changes Hypnosis franchise, which he sold in 2002.

What happened when I downloaded this program?

“Intro to Braintapping” and “Jumpstart Your Journey” introduce the user to the audio techniques and the general feeling of a slight state of hypnosis that the tracks can generate.

Users receive a package selected by its founders for free, which consists of various audio sessions that rotate on a monthly basis.

Targeting specific goals such as focus or sleep requires the purchase of content packs. Tracks range in length from eight to 42 minutes, with an average length of 15 to 20 minutes.

When I opened the app, it was a bit heavy.

For starters, the app and website had different module names. When I used the app, I found that what was called “Sleep Rx” on the website was called “Sleep Deep” on the mobile app.

As a consumer, this made me uneasy. Fortunately, the company released an updated version that fixed this problem.

The interface was also cluttered with a lot of extra programming. Content is available in multiple languages, and you can choose to listen to some programs in male or female voices. In addition there are morning and evening programs.

It wasn’t the most intuitive user experience, but the app has a powerful search feature that makes it easy to navigate through them all. You can just search for what you want, for example “focus”, and go from there.

The main programs I worked with were “Focus in the Now” and “Focus and Concentration”, both in the “Find Clarity” module.

I downloaded the program onto my phone, as the developers recommend turning on Airplane Mode while listening to ensure a seamless experience.

Also it is recommended to listen through headphones rather than using only the device. I’ve tried it both ways and definitely found that listening through my AirPods was more immersive than listening through the speakers.

I’ve heard Focus programs first thing in the morning, during the afternoon, and at the end of the day. I find that I like to play the tune when I lay down to sleep; It is very comfortable.

This technique provides a visual material

Although the app and programs are marketed as stand-alone systems, users can choose to enhance their experience with hearing aids that deliver light frequency therapy.

It’s an over-the-ear model with a hood that lowers over the eyes to deliver light pulses. Its cost is $647.

As someone who suffers from migraines and light sensitivity issues, I was wary of their use and only tried them for a short period of time.

It didn’t improve my experience substantially to the extent that I found it necessary or worth the risk of triggering a migraine.

The app and its hypnosis techniques put an end to my problem

The makers suggest listening to BrainTap at least once a day and say there is no added benefit to listening more than three times a day.

With their consistent use and mild hypnosis for a month, my productivity increased dramatically. The biggest reward is that once I start a task, I can stick to it: The to-do list doesn’t pop up in my head.

My functioning has also improved: I can clearly see what I need to do to achieve my goals and organize myself to do it.

This guy hasn’t spared me in the past when I was overwhelmed: I would often call my friends and ask for their full attention because I just couldn’t focus on the problem at hand.

Now, I feel like I can do these things easily without getting bogged down.

Even more impressive to me is the effect it has had on my downtime. I am able to effectively “turn off” my mind and truly be present in the “now”; Hypnosis has been a great help.

I no longer compulsively check my emails when I’m watching a movie with my son and he no longer accuses me of not talking; Now I am scolding her for checking her messages.

Based on the success I’ve had with the Focus programs, I hope to try some of the other programs in the BrainTap app to see what else they can do for me.

though i’m not sure what that means biohacking In fact, I’m particularly interested in learning more about it.

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