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This is how birds indulge: foods and drinks with a lot of sugar

A survey conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, and the University of Michigan (United States) estimated that more than two-thirds (72%) of grandparents give their grandchildren sugary foods and drinks, such as candy; ornaments and sweets.

Mothers usually describe their children’s cariogenic weight gain, or cavity-causing foods and drinks (for example, candy, pastries, juices and soft drinks) or not limiting cariogenic foods and drinks from their grandchildren.

The two-year researchers, in an in-person study with 126 participants, investigated what motivated mothers when talking to grandparents about giving their grandchildren food and drink.

The results, published in the scientific journal “Journal of the American Dental Association”, show that although 72 percent of mothers say that their children’s grandparents give them sugary foods and drinks, slightly more than half (51%) addressed the issue verbally. bird

Among the reasons cited, as indicated by the EP, in which mothers practiced this discourse, include the frequency with which grandparents and children interact; depending on the mother of the grandparents for the care of the children; he provided plenty of food and sugary drinks for the birds; about the strength of the relationship between mothers and grandmothers of children.

I have many happy memories of raiding my bird’s cane jar in my house, and as a parent, I was nervous with any of these conversations. However, cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease and can cause excessive pain, as well as problems with speaking, eating, playing and learning. Over time, in addition to dental health issues, a diet high in added sugars puts children at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity, among other health problems,” said Dr. Genaro Romo, spokesperson for the American Dental Association (ADA).

According to the ADA, the more food and drinks a child’s mouth is exposed to each day, the greater the risk of cavities. Bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar, producing acid that attacks and weakens tooth enamel.

Parents also pamper their children

To add not-so-nice icing to the cake, in January the ADA conducted a separate survey of 1,002 US parents of children 17 and under by a consumer research firm. The results show that more than two-thirds of parents (68%) believe that their children consume more sugary foods and drinks at the bird’s nest than at home.

Of their parents, 73 percent say they will go to their parents, not their spouse. Less than half (43 percent) say their parents talk to their partner. Only a third of parents (34%) confirmed that they address both their parents and their spouse.

“Nothing is sweeter than the relationship between children and grandparents. Have a sweet conversation in moderation, prefer water or milk over juice or soda, and if you hold out a candle, choose pure chocolate, because saliva washes out of the mouth more easily than tough or hard candy,” explained Dr. Hayes , ADA speaker and pediatric dentist.

Dentists recommend that they brush their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day, in addition to using a medium amount of toothpaste for children under 3 years of age. After age 3, children only need a pea-sized drop of fluoride toothpaste.

They also recommend cleaning between the teeth daily with floss or another interdental cleaner to clean where the brush does not touch and visit the dentist regularly. “A child’s first visit to the dentist should take place after the first tooth or the last one, when he turns a year old,” they point out.

Finally, insist on the moment to finish any food or sweets. “Parents and grandparents can help reduce the risk of cavities by sometimes offering a sweet treat with or just after a meal, as eating increases the production of saliva, which helps remove sugar or dirt particles, food that can cause cavities,” they taught.

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