This is how it will work on iPhone

This is how it will work on iPhone

WhatsApp is the main messaging app in the world, even on iPhones where we have iMessage, which means it’s such a valuable tool that we risk it being stolen. Well, this is about to end thanks to acquaintances passkeys Whatsapp Which were seen on Android only a few months ago and it seems that they will debut on iOS also soon.

They recently pointed this out to WABetaInfo, stating that this function is already in beta version of the application, which is available to beta testers in TestFlight. you will ask yourself What is passkeys WhatsApp and how important they are to protect accounts, And the truth is that they can be important, as we will tell you in detail in this post.

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What is passkeys WhatsApp or access code

That last word, ‘access keys’, would more or less translate to ‘passkeys’. They are not something that WhatsApp just invented. Are More advanced security methods than classic SMS verification Many applications and services send us messages to our mobile when accessing accounts or performing certain actions on them.

In short they do not cease to exist temporary code Like we receive through SMS. When we try to access the accounts we are asked for the code that we will find in the password key chain and which usually expires after 15-30 seconds.

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, Will change the password and code received by SMS, And finally this is a more secure method than others because it requires physical access to the device to do so, so a cyber criminal who has stolen the password remotely will have no option to access the account .

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What will be the process on iPhone and when will it arrive?

In the case of Apple, Passwords are stored in iCloud Keychain Since iOS 16.1. That is, we can find them on the iPhone by accessing Settings> Passwords. Therefore, when we want to enter WhatsApp for the first time we have to enter this code by following these steps.

Once our WhatsApp account is accessed, we will have the possibility to add Classic biometric security elements with Face ID or Touch ID, This option will be present in the app settings as a method that will prevent someone from taking our iPhone and accessing our chats when the session starts.

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Now I have to say this At the moment there is no estimated time frame for its official inclusion in WhatsApp, And it’s not even 100% available in beta. According to WABetaInfo, this is a function in development. So, the idea is that in later beta versions it will eventually start being released to everyone with a stable update through the App Store. And this, knowing WhatsApp, could be a month or a year. Let’s lower our expectations.


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