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This is how purple onion tea is prepared to clear the lungs and eliminate cough

It is necessary to take care of the respiratory system in order to preserve life, since the blood and the body in general need it for oxidation and purification of substances that enter through the olfactory cavity. Along these lines, attention should be paid to any symptom that occurs in the lungs, no matter how small.

It is common that when a person is diagnosed with flu, symptoms of cough appear. According to Medline PlusSpecial website of the United States National Library of Medicine, Coughing is not entirely bad, as it helps keep the airways clear.

However, when it cannot be controlled, it implies the presence of conditions or disorders. Therefore, as far as possible The cough is expected to be productive. i.e. “the one in which mucus is thrown.” Furthermore, with the elimination of mucus, phlegm or other substances, the lungs are cleaned to continue their vital function in the human body.

Being the tubes through which air reaches the lungs, the bronchi must remain healthy. Photo: Getty Images. – photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

From earlier times and even before medicine became a field of study, Ancestral or popular beliefs led to the creation of “menageries” known today as natural remedies. In most cases, these preparations are based on the healing properties that certain foods have.

miracle onion

For example, purple onions are included in the list of foods that can help. Considering the data collected by the blog your health, One of the most recommended are dishes with purple onions to cleanse the lungs and eliminate cough.

the explanation is because This vegetable has expectorant propertiesThat is, “substances capable of increasing the amount of bronchial secretions or stimulating the mechanisms for their elimination by exhalation or swallowing,” according to the academic publisher from the Netherlands. Elsevier,

Purple Onions
Purple onion is also beneficial for increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Getty Images. – photo: Getty Images / image source

In addition, purple onions contain quercetin and subjects who know in detail that this property allows it to fight common diseases such as flu, colds, tonsillitis, cough, asthma and some allergies.

For its part, Portal sports world He says this vegetable contains glycolic acid, a “substance that has excellent anti-acne properties” and contains good amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Thus, purple onions are ideal for the body, although it should be noted that before considering taking remedies based on this food, it is better to consult with experts.

Purple Onions
Apart from purple onions, there is only one vegetable which is white in colour. Getty Images. – photo: Getty Images / image source

Purple Onion Tea

There are different ways to prepare purple onions, but this time it will delve into the tea that, according to your health, It is used to clear the lungs and eliminate cough.

This natural treatment option is relatively easy and inexpensive as well. There are many options for making purple onion tea and one of them is with other ingredients like honey and lemon.

material: Three purple onions, three tablespoons of honey, juice of three lemons and one liter of water. (The amount may vary as per the requirement of the individual).

Preparation: In a vessel, boil one liter of water and add three onions which have to be cut into pieces; After boiling, it must be left to rest for five minutes and continue to transfer the mixture to another container. Before that, you need to filter it so that only the liquid remains. Then add lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey and mix; Finally, you have to let it rest and drink the hot tea.

According to a research publication published in the journal forbes“Honey is one of the best ways to relieve the symptoms of a respiratory infection,” while lemon focuses on eliminating mucus.

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