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This is how you can get rid of ‘beer belly’

Eliminating the so-called ‘happiness curve’ is not just an aesthetic matter, the accumulation of belly fat can pose a health risk. “You have to distinguish between soft casings or curved and hard casings. The second is more dangerous, as it is usually visceral fat (very common in men), which can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular problems or diabetes, among others.” increases,” he explains. Cristina Alvarez, specialist in aesthetics and co-founder of the centers of the same name,

What should we do to reduce obesity?

There are several ways to eliminate fat accumulated in the abdominal area:

Calorie deficit adapted to your needs: Means you have to consume less than what you spend. In this way, gradually your obesity will start reducing. Of course, this caloric deficit shouldn’t be too high as it can be counterproductive, not only for fat loss, since metabolism can slow down, but also for your health in general, they explain to us. Myrealfood. About 300 calories will be enough. how to do this? Very easy. Follow these tips:

  • Base your diet on real food and reduce your intake of ultra-processed foods, always with flexibility.
  • Consuming adequate amounts of protein, apart from providing greater satiety, helps maintain muscle mass.

strength training: To maintain muscle mass, which consumes a lot of energy and also helps in the process of fat loss.

good rest and stress management: We cannot forget these factors, as poor and/or less sleep and stress can hinder fat loss through various mechanisms.

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What you should not do:

Diets that are too restrictive and low in calories: When you do this, your body will go into “saving mode”, metabolism will slow down and it will cost you more to lose body fat. You also run the risk of suffering the dreaded rebound effect, because you may recover even more than you lost when you increase your intake again. They can also have negative effects due to nutritional deficiencies. Your mood can also be affected.

eliminate food groups Even if you want to lose fat, you don’t need to eliminate any food groups. What you have to do is adapt the quantities to your needs. But yes, you can continue to consume carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.) and fats (evo, nuts, avocados, etc.).

don’t move during the day: Strength training, as we have already mentioned, is necessary to reduce fat, but it is also important to be active during the day. Taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, cycling or walking instead of public transportation, or trying to add 10,000 steps a day are simple actions that can help you in the process.

How does aesthetic medicine help us

Another complementary way to get rid of belly fat, as long as you follow the advice mentioned above, is to resort to aesthetic medicine. They exist that reduce, reshape, and firm up through a non-invasive technique. That is, you will not have to go through the operation room for this.

This technique uses photona laser technology, which operates at different wavelengths that are applied simultaneously to be able to act at deeper levels, in the middle and intermediate structures of the skin and in the most superficial layers. Thus, it is possible to reduce fat, firm the skin and regenerate collagen in a single session.

But, to prolong and keep the results belly fat, Cristina Alvarez stresses on changing life habits. As we said, follow a healthy and balanced diet and practice physical activity regularly to strengthen the muscles.

“We always urge our patients that transformation begins with themselves. Cabin treatments are effective as long as they are complemented by a good diet and a balance between rest and physical activity”, explains Cristina Alvarez.

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