This is the date on which the $78,000 of Guaranteed Minimum Income will be paid

This is the date on which the $78,000 of Guaranteed Minimum Income will be paid in December - En Cancha

The Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) is a monetary contribution given by the state to workers who are in 90% of the Social Household Registry and receive a gross salary of less than $497,272.

This benefit, provided by the Social Protection Network, provides an amount that depends on the worker’s gross income but can reach a total of $78,965.

People applying for Guaranteed Minimum Income will start receiving their payments the month after the process ends, so if you applied for it in November, you should know when you will get your payment.

When is the December Guaranteed Minimum Income paid?

People who apply for this benefit and meet the requirements will receive their payment next month, in the last five business days. After this, they will receive it every month on the date shown on the Minimum Income site.

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This means that if you applied in November, you will receive the money between Friday, December 22nd, and Friday, December 29th. If you applied in previous months, the delivery will be made on Thursday, December 28th.

These are the people who receive the benefit

To access the monthly Guaranteed Minimum Income payments, it is important that you meet all the necessary requirements, namely:

  • Become a dependent worker.
  • May be in 90% of the Social Household Registry.
  • Have a contract signed with the Labor Code.
  • Your total salary must be less than $497,272.
  • The contract must be for a work day lasting 30 to 45 hours per week.
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How do I know if I am an IMG beneficiary?

In order for workers to find out if they can receive payments for this benefit, they must enter the IMG site and follow these steps:

  • Go to “Consultation Status”.
  • Access with your Unique Code.
  • The site will tell you if you are a beneficiary of the contribution.

If your application is still being processed, the message “In Process of Validation” will appear, so you should check back later.