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This is the E-Rex, the ingenious Spanish engine that gets 80% more power and weighs only 35 kg

in spain things get done. Or rather they have been invented. A clear example is batteries or bladeless wind turbines based on thermophotovoltaic energy. Spanish inventors are worried about the energy of the future, However, there are some people who choose to make less ‘important’ inventions, such as robot waiters serving beer. However they all have one thing in common: they break the ‘myth’ that to develop an idea in Spain first look at the cost of a one-way trip to the United States, Germany or any other country.

Same goes for Juan Garrido Requena, A boy from Granada who wanted to build his own kart when he was only 9 years old. and he did: “He built the cart under the smiles of neighbors who saw a boy cutting iron tubes and raising money to buy a welder,” Ruben, his brother, recalls in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL-Omicrono. That was 27 years ago from now. Currently, both are part of INN engine, a company that aims to revolutionize the automotive industry and was born in the same garage where Juan He Built His First Go-Kart From Scratch,

The first step towards this revolution comes under the name of e-REX, an engine whose patent is already approved in Europe, US, China, Japan and South Korea, In addition, this first prototype -Which has its origins in the last project of Juan Garrido- First started with just two cylinders and 40 displacement Which exceeded all expectations despite meager manufacturing means.

And it was he, as Ruben Garrido admits, at first only thought of developing the idea of ​​​​an unprecedented engine. However, to reduce time, not to reduce cost, They decided to build the engine with prototype machines which they installed at their headquarters, In this way, of the 11 REX-B engines (the “little brother” of the e-REX, as INNengine knows it) that they have launched on the market, they have managed to sell eight to date. They also have a reserve of units for 100 euros, which will already be manufactured by a manufacturer. But what is it about these engines that makes them so promising?

what is your design

It may sound strange, but the In Engine engine does not look like this with the naked eye: They do not have a crankshaft, valves, camshaft or cylinder head., So how can they work? The answer lies in a hollow main shaft and two opposing discs attached to an eight-faced piston.

Each of them moves along the bevel of the opposite disc, causing them to rotate through the classic explosion of a mixture of fuel and air. Both the entry and exit of the exhaust gases are carried out through certain ports, which open and close due to the passage of the piston.

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Why doesn’t the E-Rex motor vibrate?

Although it is also an engine in which vibration has been removed both primary and secondary. All moving pieces in the E-REX do so in a reciprocal manner, in equilibrium in 3 planes according to the harmonic curve, thus canceling each other out.

Beyond its design, one of the most outstanding features of this type of engine is that Weight is only 35 kgs, This means that it is 55% smaller and 70% lighter than any four-stroke engine on the market. And it is that with the e-REX they aim to replace four-stroke engines, since it has four times more combustion per revolution than the current one. ,For its part, the REX-B, which is a simplified 125-cylinder version, will compete in the two-stroke engine market,” explains Garrido, who serves Director of Marketing and Strategy of the company from Granada,

L Motor Rex-B.

INN ngine


It is for this reason that they from INNengine have chosen to define them as the engines of the time: Each cylinder burns twice as long as a two-stroke and four times longer than a four-stroke, a) yes, With only 125 displacement, the Rex-B’s air-cooled four-cylinder produces 22.7 hp a 6.000 rpmAbout 80% more power than any other naturally aspirated engine.

what apps are in it

Unlike the Rex-B, the first INNEngine prototype has already been tested on a classic Mazda MX-5 from the Japanese company. It managed to generate 120 hp power by employing a 500-cylinder engine However from INNengine they expect to finish the 700-cylinder block by the end of 2023.

E-Rex Engine In The Mazda Mx-5.

e-REX engine in the Mazda MX-5.



However, this is not the only application of this ‘Big Brother’, as they have decided to apply it in the maritime sector as well. not only for provide electricity, but also power to drive the ship’s hydraulic systems. Furthermore, thanks to its leak-proof combustion chamber, multi-fuel capability and power density E-REX has been selected to run the aircraft on hydrogen fuel Within the PHIADI project.

In the case of Rex-B, Will provide much-needed additional autonomy to drones, both by propelling the drone and by generating electricity to power its electric motors. In fact, as a test bench and final test they used a radio-controlled aircraft that would be their first finished product on the market.

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Apart from delving into the world of automotive industry, ships and aeronautics, this innovative Spanish company is also looking to foray into the field of power generation. Because, being a compact generator, the Rex-B is Capable of providing enough power to recharge electric vehicle batteries anywhere.

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