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This is the effect sugar and fat have on the brain

Fat and sugar are substances that provide energy to the body. However, excessive consumption of it can lead to health conditions; Because they are products that cause problems not only for the body, but also for the brain, which is characterized by a lot of energy consumption, glucose is one of its main sources of food.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The brain is made up of nerve cells that keep the body running even when a person is asleep.

“It also controls how you feel, learn, and remember things. And it uses blood sugar for energy to make it all work. The brain is the organ that needs the most energy.” Requires: Half the amount of sugar the body needs to function properly”, the above source specifies.

However, if glucose levels are outside normal, they can throw the command center out of balance and damage nerves and blood vessels. This can lead to memory and learning problems, mood swings, weight gain, hormonal changes, and over time, other serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Both fat and sugar are addictive components, just like alcohol. Excess consumption of these substances leads to diseases like obesity and if the level of glucose increases too much, it is possible that they become the cause of diabetes.

These are conditions that do not occur independently, high blood sugar levels have a lot to do with being overweight and vice versa.

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Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that more than a billion people in the world are obese, and of this total, at least 650 million are adults, 340 million are adolescents, and 39 million are children, according to the same source. are increasing

With regard to diabetes, in the US alone the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) indicates that at least 62 million people are living with the condition, A figure that is expected to be higher, given that about 40% of people with the disease are unaware of it.

PAHO specifies, “If current trends continue, it is estimated that in 2040 the number of people with diabetes in the region will reach 109 million.”

Spain’s The Deser Foundation, which provides care for people with brain damage, has clarified that Excessive sugar consumption has a direct impact on cognitive abilities and on which people have to control themselves, With drug-like effects on the reward center of the brain.

According to experts, sweet foods, as well as salty foods with added fat, create an addiction-like effect in the brain, which induces a loss of self-control, leading to overeating and, as a result, weight gain. Is. Weight.

One of the WHO recommendations is to reduce the consumption of free sugar, that is, added to food, and keep it below 10% of the total caloric intake for the day. According to a study published in the journal, it also calls for reducing this consumption by 5%, as it would generate additional health benefits. Diabetes research and clinical practice.

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Other research reported in the journal physiology and behaviorquoted in a magazine article better with healthindicates that the brain consumes 5.6 mg of glucose per 100 g of brain tissue per minute.

“When foods containing sugar are consumed, when they are introduced into the mouth and come into contact with the taste buds of the tongue, they send signals that activate sweet receptors in the brain stem and from there, In different areas, where the signal is received activates the reward system of the brain”, explains the above website.

Since the consumption of sugar is likely to lead to overweight, obesity and diseases like diabetes, experts advise to take care of diet, as ultra-processed foods are the ones that contribute the most to the body with these components. And for this reason it is necessary to include them in the diet, healthy products such as fruits and vegetables, which not only provide essential nutrients, but also prevent the development of medical conditions.

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