This is the futuristic truck coming to Mexico

Tesla Cybertruck

The new futuristic Tesla truck almost arrived in Mexico. The call Cybertruck is a electric pick-up which will come to light afterwards Elon Musk president of the company, showed his design four years ago.

Musk scheduled this Thursday, at the headquarters of Tesla in Austin, Texas, is a “drop-off event” for this cyber version.

“This is an important launch for Musk and the brand Tesla Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives told AFP.

For businessman Musk, it is also an opportunity to turn the page after a new controversy in mid-November when he was accused of sounding anti-Semitic speeches from the platform X (formerly Twitter) , which he owns.

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“We don’t believe that the brand Tesla negatively affected, but the balance is fragile for Elon, who is walking a tightrope,” said Ives.

A futuristic truck inspired by movies like “Blade Runner” y”Mad Max Fury Road”

According to Musk, the car is intended to be a cross between a model of “Blade Runner” and the “Wet Nellie” an amphibious vehicle inspired by Lotus Spirit seen in “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977) from the saga James Bond. Although it also reminds us of the cars from “Mad Max Fury Road”.

In November 2019, Elon Musk launched the Cybertruck prototype, angular and the same gray. “It’s not like anything else,” Musk said on that occasion, and tried to resist it. The car withstood several sledgehammer blows to its door without damage, but the window shattered when it was hit by the metal ball.

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The car uses large stainless steel plates and poses manufacturing challenges, said Art Wheaton, an expert at Cornell University.

The Cybertruck has a range of 400km to 800km and a towing capacity of over six tons.