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This is the Key to Gaining Muscle Efficiently

make a little exercise Complete each day or shorter but longer sessions. This is a dilemma faced by many people who are concerned about their health or intend to gain muscle massSomething that is not always easy.

A new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has put an end to that doubt. study suggests that little daily activity This may be the most beneficial way to gain muscle strength. And achieving that objective will not require great effort or practice.

“This research, along with our previous study, suggests the importance of cramming in small amounts of exercise a week, rather than spending hours exercising only once a week. We need to know that every muscle contraction counts. holds, and what does regularity matter with which he performs them”, explains Ken Nosaka, professor of sports and exercise science at ECU.

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Type and duration of exercise to gain muscle

In collaboration with Niigata University and Nishi Kyushu University in Japan, three groups of participants performed a four-week training study. arm resistance exercise And changes in muscle strength and muscle thickness were measured and compared.

involved in the exercise “maximum voluntary eccentric biceps contraction” Performed on a machine that measures muscle force with each muscle contraction. An eccentric contraction occurs when the muscle lengthens. In this case, lower a heavy dumbbell into a biceps curl.

Two groups did 30 contractions a week, one group did six contractions a day for five days a week (6×5 group), while the other did all 30 contractions on a single day once a week (30×1 group). Another group had only six contractions a day a week.

after four weeks, the group that performed 30 contractions in a single day showed no increase in muscle strength, although there was a 5.8% increase in muscle thickness (an indicator of increased muscle size). The group that did six contractions once a week showed no change in muscle strength and muscle mass. Thickness. However, a significant increase in muscle strength was observed in the 6×5 group: more than 10%, with an increase in muscle thickness similar to the 30×1 group.

The researchers note that the 6×5 group’s increase in muscle strength was similar to the group in a previous study that performed only one maximal eccentric contraction of three seconds per day, five days a week for four weeks.

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Why is it important to gain muscle mass?

Experts recall that muscle strength is important to our health, as it helps prevent the loss of muscle mass and strength with age. Ageing, “Muscle loss is the cause of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, dementia and musculoskeletal problems such as osteoporosis,” he continues.

Nosaka emphasized that it was also important add rest In an exercise regimen: “Muscular adaptations occur when we are at rest; If someone could somehow train 24 hours a day, there wouldn’t really be any improvement.” In this study, the 6×5 group had two days off per week.

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