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This is the Leopard 2 tank that Ukraine wants to “end the war”

German-made Leopard 2 tank they are the most employed in the world why will help the Ukrainian army in the offensive against Russian troops, in these battle tanks with a diesel engineAnd night vision equipment and a laser system Which helps in more accurate aiming towards the moving target.

the german government is under pressure to approve an increase in military support Ukraine by Western countries and allow these armored vehicles to be exported to Kyiv, At the meeting of the countries of the Contact Group of Ukraine, which was held this Friday at the Ramstein military base in Germany, Berlin has not unblocked the supply of these combat tanks that the Ukrainian army They need to defend themselves and reclaim the captured territory by Russia, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mikhailo Podolyak, a top adviser to President Zelensky, said on Thursday that “the tanks are The Key to Ending the War Well”, “It is time to stop trembling before Putin and take the final step,” he insisted.

Some countries, such as Poland, have agreed to send Leopard 2, but Export of this material requires approval from the German government.

Nicolás de Pedro, head of research at the Institute for Statecraft in London, assured in statement to RNE that the skepticism or the approach of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is understandable, but it is “wrong” because This is an incentive for Russia to maintain and escalate the war, not vice versa“. “Russia will only negotiate when it feels the cost of continuing is high and nothing happens,” he added.

What are Leopard 2 tanks?

These battle tanks made in Germany best sellers in the world and have been both employed by the German military for decades as well as more than a dozen other European countries The armed forces of nations such as Indonesia or Canada.

this tank They run on diesel engines. their length is about 10 meters and they reach a Max speed 70 kmph, In addition, he has a 120 mm cannon and 2 7.62 mm machine guns with a capacity of 42 shots.

One in Leopard 2 night vision equipment and a laser system it can measure the distance to which the target is, a function allows aiming with greater accuracy in the direction of a moving target,

Why does Ukraine want these tanks?

For retired Fleet Admiral Juan Rodríguez Garratt, “there will be a sufficient number of Leopard tanks will allow Ukraine to counterattack Respond quickly in less defended areas of the front and in case the Russians break through the Ukrainian front itself.”

“It’s another protection. It is not absolutely necessary, nor is it the last weaponBecause even in European armies, the Leopard is nothing more than another piece that works integrated with attack aircraft to advance,” says the retired admiral in the statement to RNE. “With the Leopard, only Ukraine will find one part of a complete system that can lead to victory“, he insists.

About 20 countries in the world have this model of tank, which means that any of them can supply these armored vehicles to Ukraine, and that too will facilitate its maintenance and training of the Ukrainian military That Leopard will drive.

Countries using Leopard 2 armored vehicles include Spain, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, Austria and Poland.

How many Leopard 2 tanks are available?

Leopard 2 is one of the most widely used tanks, but after the end of the Cold War, Tanks and other heavy weapons are in short supply In most Western countries, many countries drastically reduced their armies.

Germany has about 350 Leopard 2 tanks, although in total there are about 4,000 armored vehicles of this type, according to retired Admiral Rodriguez Garratt. “If Ukraine needs 500 cars, “The only one who can solve your problem is panther“, he insists.

The German defense industry is prohibited by law from producing these main battle tanks in order to maintain stocks. For this reason, countries are requesting new tanks They will have to wait between two or three years to receive them.

What other tanks can Western countries give to Ukraine?

The United States operates thousands of M1 Abrams tanks, but They are considered unsuitable for Ukraine Because they have gas turbine engines compared to the Leopard 2’s less expensive and readily available diesel engines.

“Abrams is a car of different technology whose propulsion engine This is a turbine as used in aeroplanes.explains the retired admiral.

For its part, the United Kingdom is considering supplying some of its Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, and France, which makes the Leclerc main battle tank, has not said whether it is willing to make an offer to Kyiv. Will happen.

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