This is the most viral TV accessory of 2023 with huge sales

Google Chromecast 4k

MediaMarkt understands this is the Christmas movie season and wants to make it easy for you. If you don’t have a smart TV, but you want to enjoy your favorite streaming platforms, this is it Chromecast on Google TV in 4K This is all you need. Take advantage of the fact that it is at its lowest price to buy it before it runs out.

There are many types of media players to make your TV a smart one. However, this Chromecast takes a step forward with 4K resolution. No more watching only in HD. Now you can enjoy the highest resolution, as long as your monitor or screen allows it.

Device to make your TV smart

This Google TV Chromecast has a resolution of up to 4K in HDR so you can enjoy content with better image quality. If you are looking to turn your TV into a smart one, this is the best accessory. In fact, it provides content recommendations depending on your subscriptions, series history or content you’ve purchased. And, best of all, you don’t have to switch between apps to decide what you want to see.

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This Chromecast has a remote control for control by voice and that you can easily find what you want to see. It also gives you the ability to search depending on gender or mood. Another plus point is that it comes with google assistant Integrated to control any smart device. You can still control the TV like this if you lose the remote.

Google Chromecast 4K

Among other advantages of Chromecast 4K is that it allows you to organize all your streaming platforms on one home screen. It also gives you direct access to thousands free channels from Google TV, if you are not subscribed to any platform and want to watch content that is different from traditional television.

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It is a tool very easy to install. You only need a television or monitor with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi connection, a Google account, a nearby outlet and a compatible mobile phone to facilitate control. You won’t have much trouble and it’s cheaper than buying a new Smart TV. Even if you don’t know if you will use streaming applications and platforms, this accessory is perfect to test and determine if it is worth investing in a smart TV.

It also allows you to set parental controls if minors use it. You not only limit the content they can see, but also the time they can use it.

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You won’t find it cheaper

MediaMarkt is the only store that currently has this Chomecast at the lowest price. It’s usually around 70 euros, but now you can Only 59.99 euros. That’s a 14% savings, which is quite a bit considering the features and the fact that it’s the latest model.

Fortunately, MediaMarkt has free shipping at home and delivery in a few days. You can also choose to pick it up at a physical store if you want to have the flexibility and pick it up when it suits you.