This is the penalty requested by the Spanish Prosecutor's Office

This is the penalty requested by the Spanish Prosecutor's Office

On Wednesday, February 7, the trial against the former Brazilian football player ended dani alves On whom a woman had accused of sexual harassment.

The incident may have happened in a night club barcelona In Spain, the player was arrested in January 2023 after voluntarily appearing to answer to the charges on December 31, 2022, and remains in preventive detention to date.

How many years in prison does the prosecutor’s office request?

The court will announce the sentence for Dani Alves in the coming weeks.

Following the footballer’s statements at the trial, the Public Ministry, which maintained its request for punishment nine years in jailIn addition to a compensation payment of 150,000 euros (about 153 million Chilean pesos) to the woman and another decade of supervised liberty after serving her sentence.

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Dani Alves during the trial (AFP)

The prosecutor of the case, Elizabeth Jimenez It was noted that the victim “absolutely believable story” And assured that Alves used it “violence“ To force the young woman to stay, maintaining her request for 9 years in prison.

“The moral damage in this case, being so high-profile, is greater than usual in a sexual harassment case. As far as punishment, we understand that the facts do not deserve a minimum punishment. The severity, use of violence, and contempt for the victim do not qualify for the minimum sentence.” the prosecutor said.

In the statement the footballer had to give, he changed his version of events on several occasions. For example, in the first statement he denied knowing the complainant. Meanwhile, this Tuesday, the last day of the trial, he gave details of what happened and denied using violence.

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Others, including the former Barcelona and PSG player, indicated that the alleged victim “I could go any time, I was under no obligation to stay there“. The 40-year-old also assured that he is not a “violent man” and that he “never said anything to me, we were both just having fun.”


If you are a victim or witness of violence against women, the guidance number provided by the National Service for Women and Gender Equality (SAG) is 1455.

The number can also be dialed landline like cell phone And from there they provide guidance to help victims of abuse or guide you through the mechanisms of making a report.

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This article reports a ongoing judicial process Therefore, those involved should not be considered guilty until the relevant organizations make a determination.


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