This is the search engine that finds the cheapest gas station

Cinco Días

The car buying and selling portal announced this Tuesday that it is launching a new service: a search engine that can find the cheapest gas station and charging point closest to the user. “With this new functionality, the app becomes the first to offer fuel and electricity charging stations in one space in Spain,” the company said in a statement. The information is guaranteed daily by the data providers of gas stations and electric stations.

In the case of electric vehicle users, they can search by connector type, charging power, and minimum number of connectors. According to the company, the new functionality has been well received as downloads of the application have increased. “We have created a search engine for charging points and fuel stations throughout Spain that is active because it shows recommendations based on an algorithm that weighs the best price-distance relationship between fuel stations and charging points in the area,” explained the product director. from, Fedele Fiorino.

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This new function is part of the company’s strategy to position itself as a provider of mobility services and not just as a portal for buying and selling used and new cars. “The main factor that explains the success that we have in the new development of the app is that we put ourselves at the service of people to facilitate their movement,” added Fiorino.