This is the September scam of the month

This is the September scam of the month

The price and quantity of this “false pack” remained the same. Manufacturers generate price increases in a different way, consumer advocates show.

The water softener “Calgon Power Powder” is the “Deceptive Pack of the Month” September. The Hamburg consumer advice center accuses manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser of hidden price increases through new dosage recommendations.

According to the manufacturer, the water softener should now last up to 50 instead of the previous 46 wash loads. In reality, however, the manufacturer bases the information on different levels of water hardness. The original 46 wash loads referred to very hard water, the product now handles 50 wash loads with hard water.

Hidden prices increase by more than 40 percent

The Consumer Advice Center has calculated that the product used to load 71 washes with hard water, which is 21 more than now. “The bottom line is that this corresponds to a hidden price increase of 42 percent,” complain consumer advocates. Instead of the original 32 ml of “Calgon Power Powder” 45 ml is now recommended per wash.

At the same time, the manufacturer advertises its water softener with the words “ultra compact”. This suggests consumers a concentrated product that requires less lather for one wash load than a product without this additive. Indeed, the manufacturer “diluted” the powder and did not concentrate it, as significantly less washes are now possible for the same reference size,” explains the Consumer Advice Center.

Deceptive pack of the month: recipe probably hasn’t changed

In its statement, Reckitt Benckiser explains that “the active ingredients per dose in Germany was lower than in other European countries” and that a new EU directive had to be implemented. Therefore, the active ingredients per dose have been increased in Germany, “which has not changed the formulation”.