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This is the way to lose weight with protein from breakfast

We’ve talked about losing weight or losing weight many times here at The Objective and, as always, we’ve talked to you a lot about the concept of a calorie deficit, the condition sign qualification non should be given so that we can reduce extra kilos. That’s why we have installed lights and stenographers in other cases also. Ways to deal with excess weight can be wrong As is the case with the CICO diet and that is why it is not worth it just to lose weight.

Nor are we going to apologize for needing to start the day with protein to lose weight, because even Everyone is a world apart when it comes to coping with a weight loss regimenWhich should always be combined with professional advice from both doctors and qualified nutritionists.

However, now we also know Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day (they all matter), it’s convenient that we know that breaking a fast with a high protein intake to lose weight can be a good way to combat that extra fat that may be bothering us.

This is not surprising, as it is a very common ingredient in the ketogenic diet (or keto diet) and, well, it is for that part of ketosis that we are going to refer to breakfast to lose weight. . eye! Ketosis requires a lot of persistence and very tight control over diet, but the principles are valid to be applied to this way of breaking the fast To give us a hand to deal with the extra kilos.

The problem comes when culturally we don’t associate this macronutrient with breakfast or, worst of all, the way we consume it isn’t healthy. It is also worth recalling the concept of proteins with high biological value to the detriment of those with low biological value, since the former contain all the essential amino acids. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t vegetable protein options, but it does mean that they should be. supplement with other foods to contain amino acids,

Coffee And Croissants For Breakfast
A normal breakfast includes more carbohydrates than we need. © Freepik.

have a habit of starting the day a little too much a coffee, maybe some milk, pastries and fruit, we verify that proteins, as a general rule, are neither there nor expected, Perhaps one that includes coffee or, if we allow ourselves to whisper something extra according to Spanish customs, those that can integrate Iberian ham on toast. Nevertheless, we insist that the sausage method is not the best way to include them in the morning meal, as they usually contain a large amount of salt, although this does not absolve them of their protein character.

That being said, it will be a question of slightly modifying some daily habits and gradually changing excess carbohydrates (usually simple carbohydrates, with a high glycemic index and rapid absorption, such as those found in refined grains, sugar or sweets) in favor of a high protein load. Yes, we know it sounds strange to replace a muffin, toast with jam or some biscuits with an egg, meat or cheese, but it is more convenient for losing weight.

This is how you can lose weight with breakfast protein

A Classic Example Of An English Breakfast With Sausage, Egg, Bacon And Mushrooms
Although it has a large portion of meat, the classic ‘English breakfast’ is not recommended because of the fat involved. © Freepik.

The myth lies not so much in the fact of breakfast, but in its quality, when we try to justify its advantages or disadvantages. A bad breakfast is worse than no breakfast at all, because stuffing yourself with products with added sugar or added fat will be more harmful than drinking a simple coffee. Saved this stumble, Let’s do a reality check between these three factors,

The effectiveness of protein as an element to lose weight (and this is the reason why many diets eliminate carbohydrates or fats, but leave protein as the protagonist) is the macronutrient that our body needs to metabolize. requires the most calories. it should also be added ability to satisfy is high (as this study supports through thermogenesis), so they’ll leave us less hungry throughout the morning. This phantom must be understood well, because if it is rich in carbohydrates it can be absorbed very quickly and by mid-morning hunger reappears and we fall into unhealthy snacks or snacks.

Weight Loss Breakfast With Berries, Wholemeal Bread, Fruit And Muesli
Breakfasts with a large vegetable base usually don’t have a large protein load. © Freepik.

There are many studies and medical literature that support that consuming more protein means higher caloric expenditure regardless of the time of day. Furthermore, this is also corroborated by the fact that continues to lose weight And allows us to maintain tone for a long time if we continue to pay attention to protein.

To find these blessed culprits we must turn to hormones, because that feeling of satiety that protein causes certain neurotransmitters to moderate. The same happens with ghrelin, popularly known as the hunger hormone, and the intake of this protein results in a reduction in its secretion (as this study supports). PS: It has many other results and properties in our body, so let’s not demonize this hormone,

How to Serve Up the Best Protein at Breakfast

However, we are not interested in what happens in our body (which is definitely not bad), but in understanding which are the proteins that we should include in our breakfast if we want to lose weight, Although we insist, it is also a way for any type of person to start the day. In either sense, it is also convenient that we understand how much protein should be in that first meal of the day To pay attention to its effects (as long as the rest of our diet follows the same tune).

Aerial View Of Breakfast With Various Products Including Toast, Cheese Or Cold Cuts
Not all methods of consuming protein during breakfast are optimal. © Freepik.

For this reason, it is estimated that it should account for between 20% and 40% of the calories in breakfast or, if we count at least 20 grams of protein, according to different studies. From there, we also recall the mathematical formula that the drug links to weight and the daily protein load it recommends. We consume 0.8 protein per kg of weight. The rule of three is very clear, so we can say that an adult who weighs 90 kilos should take about 72 grams of protein in a day.

The last question is that not everything goes. We have excluded the Iberian ham from the breakfast equation (unless it is eaten on time and in a balanced diet) and we must also be careful with some dairy products, including milk, yogurt or cheese. If we bet on dairy products in general, let’s pay attention to those that have a Low loads of fat, carbohydrates (usually they will come from added sugars) and salt,

Una Tabla De Quesos Para Desayunar
The problem with cheese is that it usually has a lot of saturated fat and high amounts of added salt. © Freepik.

The reason is that aged cheeses or flavored yogurts are not the best companions. Conversely, classic Greek yogurts or soft cheeses, such as Burgos or cottage cheese, in addition to protein cheeses, would be good companions. Also, since we’ve already excluded some sausages, we should also set aside those cold cuts that contain loads of salt, loads of fat or low protein. everyday ingredients such as cooked ham or turkey cold cuts They are convenient to consume when they feature a high meat ratio,

One Boiled Egg, One Loaf Of Bread And The Juice Of An Orange
Egg is one of the easiest ingredients to include in the traditional breakfast of our country. © Freepik.

However, when it comes to talking about this high biological value there is an undisputed king if we associate it with the world of breakfast and it is none other than the egg, as it is considered the best. The Best Way to Enjoy Bioavailable Protein And in turn, it’s not a strange ingredient in the first meal of the day. That doesn’t mean we give you a wide sleeve for preparing it and putting fat into the equation, as the healthiest ways to cook eggs will always be the ones that involve the least amount of fat. That is to say: cooked, hard, steamed or, if they go in a wok, with a pan that is as oily as possible.

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