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This is the worst fish sold in Spain: doctors ask to eliminate it from the diet forever

maybe by saying surimi We’re not telling you much, but if we talk crab sticks or eel —one of the recurring snacks at Christmas—you’ll know exactly who we’re talking about. Both products are made from surimi and do not have the same properties fresh fish, rather the opposite. In fact, if you usually include them in your recipes, you might not like to know that experts call it the “Frankfurt sausage of the sea” because it has a more than questionable list of added ingredients.

Doctor and Broadcaster in Food Science and Technology, Miguel Angel Luruena, author of the blog Petroleum Jelly BeansEL ESPAÑOL that “surimi is a gel made of protein derived from fish meat”, but For its elaboration, the most plausible parts have been stripped away. Which can be used in another more profitable way and the cheapest and least rich option can be chosen. Nutritionist, Pablo Zumácaro, is the one who drew a parallel between this food and sausage, another that we should remove from the fridge.

Experts point out that, in both eel and crab sticks, surimi can make up half of the product and the rest “proteins of various origins, water, starch (or other substances that fulfill their function of retaining water), are made from sunflower oil, a little sugar, coloring (for example, paprika), monosodium glutamate and salt”. Indeed, the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) warns it is high in salt between 1.5 and 2.3 grams per 100, with 5 grams being the recommended daily maximum by the WHO.

from japan to the world

Surimi is an ancient Japanese technique for preserving fresh fish, which originally, around the year 1115, involved deboning, gutting, and removing the bones and skin from fish to make minced meat before filleting and serving. Make flour with it while preserving its protein, The product later spread throughout Japan and was industrialized in the 1960s, when it began to reach the Western market, reaching a world production of 820,000 tonnes in 2018. Spain is one of the three leading countries producing derivatives and one of the largest consumers. ,

really famous northern gluttony It is made from surimi and was an innovation of the Instituto de Frio – CSIC center which later paved the way for the creation of the Institute of Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition (ICTAN) and the Institute of Research in Food Sciences (CIAL). – in association with the Basque company Angulus Aguinaga. the idea was to develop a fish substitute product And he obtained a patent in 1989, which came to market in 1991 with the commercial name that continues to this day. Where appropriate, they guarantee the use of great chunks of haddock It comes from Alaska and the surimi is therefore of high quality.

crab sticks.

As for those sticks or seafood that are found in practically all salads sold, it is a product that may actually contain only 0.1% crab substitute and its nutritional value leaves much to be desired. Some leave. By selecting poor quality fish meat and subjecting it to various processes to obtain surimi, there is an inevitable loss of nutrients And for this reason, we will not be able to get the same protein, minerals and healthy fats that fresh fish provides us.

yes it is true that Surimi is rich in protein, but to a lesser extent than fish and the list of benefits ends there as its nutritional quality has been reduced based on the high amount of refined oils, flavor enhancers, refined flours, sugars, starches and salt that we discussed earlier. Has been mentioned. From FEN, in any case, they recommend that we read the labeling of derived foods, which we choose based on the percentage of protein and low fat content, that no more salt should be added to the preparations and that serve only as an additional ingredient and not as a substitute for any fresh fish serving.

Healthy Choice: Make it at Home

It should be remembered that you can Homemade Surimi And that in Cocinillas they offer us 400 grams of white fish such as hake (there are many other options), two tablespoons of wheat flour, two more of corn starch, one egg white and half a teaspoon of salt as base ingredients, a large With the option of adding chickpea mirin and pink food coloring. After thoroughly cleaning the fish meat, washing it and draining it, it has to be crushed along with the rest of the ingredients.

Afterwards, we’ll use a paper-lined bamboo mat to spread the pasta thin crust, which will be used later to wrap it and fold the edges as if they were candy. They would then be steamed for about 50 minutes and allowed to cool before being refrigerated or consumed. once cooked, Surimi keeps for two or three days, Undoubtedly, there is a very healthy way to consume this fish paste and even make other derivatives with it, such as the famous sticks.

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