This is what Amanda Dudamel said about her relationship with her boyfriend

This is what Amanda Dudamel said about her relationship with her boyfriend

Amanda Dudamel asked a series of questions on her social networks and one of the questions they asked her referred to her courtship. Although the universal vicereine 2022 always kept her romantic relationship in a low profile, she did not hesitate to give an answer.

It is worth noting that the fashion designer and Daniel Roa Farías started their romance in Mérida a few years ago, in fact, they have been together since youth.

How do you have such a beautiful and strong relationship with your boyfriend? The exact question asked to Amanda Dudamel on Instagram. “Dani and I have never opened up to talk publicly about our relationship, but I’m so glad you have perception,” the model wrote about the photo of the two of them.

“It is a blessing to have a relationship for many years and I am always grateful for that, to God and to him, and I feel that in our situation it is very important to deliberately align our paths because we understand from earlier. on that alone they were not going to come together completely.” , his next comment.

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And he added: “Now, after many episodes together (from 13 to 16), we still find the stability you mentioned, but every part of the path is a new and exciting adventure .

They are not looking for perfection

The model from Merida, who recently launched the Tributo Coffee House with Roa, also pointed out that despite all the positive aspects of their relationship, she does not seek to give an image of perfection about it.

“We don’t want to be in a perfect relationship, because we’re human,” he said in the aforementioned text. “We also have differences, arguments, and we understand that none of us will be perfect, but that’s the meaning of life, and that’s how we overcome each step together,” explained the 24-year-old who is a beauty queen.

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New cultures

It is worth noting that the Venezuelan is currently traveling in Portugal with his girlfriend. For this reason, to “capture” her followers, Amanda Dudamel also spoke precisely about what attracted her to travel.

“I’ve always been passionate about cultures and languages, so every time I visit a new country, I like to try to understand its dynamic cultures through the language, its food, the history of the places of this,” he said, also stressing that his European itinerary was never planned. “We didn’t have any kind of guidance, so it all added up.”

Anticipated reunions

Amanda’s European tour also includes a reunion with one of her colleagues in Miss Universe 2022, the Spanish Alicia Faubel, a procedure that was “not only planned, but super planned,” as she commented.

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“Last time, when I came to Spain, we didn’t see each other in a city. I love seeing him, chatting, flirting with our lives, everything. It’s no coincidence that there are so many of us in MU. I feel that we are very different, so that’s what made us better, hahaha,” he highlighted.

Miss Venezuela 2021 also experienced another exciting moment when she saw her sister Victoria Dudamel again. “Seeing each other again is always the most anticipated thing. The distance has of course led us to value our relationship more and more, and every time we see each other I return to that feelings. The love of sisters is a hard thing to explain and I have a younger sister who has taught me a lot about life,” she said.