This is what the Tesla Model 3 range will look like for 2024

Inside the Tesla Model 3 2024

The sedan of the American brand has undergone an update in terms of aesthetics, technology, and autonomy. It stands out with two variants of its thrusters and because it hardly includes physical buttons. Its prices in the Spanish market are not so high because it comes from Tesla.

Although in recent days the attention of information on Tesla has been monopolized by the Cybertruck, the American company continues to change its fleet for 2024. The Tesla Model 3 is one of those that will undergo a big change at the level of aesthetics, technology, and autonomy. Let’s examine the most successful model of the company in California.

Outside, we can see that its lines have been redesigned to improve aerodynamics and increase performance and autonomy. It has a longer front; the front headlights are also new, as are the rear lights, which, in the new sedan, are integrated into the tailgate to improve their adjustment.

The color palette has grown in new installments since there are two shades that weren’t there before: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. The first is a high-grade chromatic color with dynamic depth made from multi-layer paint. The second is a metallic dark gray color, intense and dynamic, according to the brand.

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The 18-inch wheels that come standard have been improved, and their design has been improved so that their autonomy is greater while looking for a strong reduction in road noise. As an option, it is possible to mount 19-inch wheels, which gives it a more sporty touch.

Inside the new Tesla Model 3, we see an improvement in dashboard materials and fabrics and micro-perforated seats that now have the option of ventilation in addition to heating.

Also, the engineers of the American company decided to do without the wood on the dashboard, adding two wireless chargers and a 17-speaker sound system. Also, in ambient lighting, there is a light strip that occupies the dashboard and doors.

The steering wheel mounted on it is round, with few controls and no levers behind it. This means there is no lever for the turn signal, for example. The option to change it is two haptic buttons on the left side of the steering wheel.

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Inside The Tesla Model 3 2024

You can hardly find any buttons because everything you need to touch is integrated into the 15.4-inch screen. There you can manage the infotainment, but also the gear selector. When you step on the brake, the car starts, and the image of the car appears on the left side of the screen. If you slide up, the car goes forward, and if you slide it back, you activate reverse gear.

This system is already included in the new Model S and Model The controls are activated to select the gears with the letters P, R, N, and D. Thus, they ensure that you are not stranded when the screen goes off.

Likewise, the Model 3 adds another 8-inch screen next to the rear seats, where you can control the air conditioning, the position of the front seat, and, if you want, watch your favorite movies.

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Two options in the mechanical range

The new Tesla Model 3 will include two variants: the access option is Standard Range, with a rear engine of 283 CV and a 60 kWh battery. If you decide to choose 18-inch wheels, you will have an autonomy of 554 kilometers. If you choose 19, you will have 513 kilometers.

A second mechanistic possibility is the model Long Range. It offers two engines and all-wheel drive. This version increases its power to 351 CV and the battery to 75 KWh. The range of autonomy is also increased by 678 km if we choose the 18-inch wheel. And if you choose 19, you get 629 kilometers, which is also an interesting figure.

Regarding the prices, we must emphasize that they are not too expensive: the rear engine version now starts at 39,760 euros with taxes and a brand discount. On the other hand, the most powerful and best equipment is offered in our country for 49,760 euros.