This revolutionary payment method is here: Forget about cards and mobiles

This revolutionary payment method is here: Forget about cards and mobiles

Technology has introduced payment method, While years ago there was no option but to carry cash or bank cards in your wallet, nowadays you can make payments from the comfort of your sofa, via apps like Bisam.

As time passes, new payment methods emerge which make the lives of the consumers a lot more convenient. a clear example of this pay with bracelet An option that is becoming more and more popular.

Do you know what is included in this? We show you below what it is and how it works, as explained in detail by the Bank of Spain (BDE) via its website.

How do you pay with the bracelet?

it’s a payment contactless which uses near-field communication technology, which in English is called Near Field Communication (NFC), Bank indicates supervisor.

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In this way, the consumer can make a transaction Without the need to physically access cash or bank cards.

The bracelet is equipped with a chip nfc It stores payment information, which allows transactions to be made by bringing the bracelet close to the terminal.

In fact, according to the BDE, various financial institutions offer such linked products In the bank accounts of the customers of your bank.

A comfortable, fast and secure way

One of the main advantages of this payment system is Rest, because they are “comfortable to wear and within reach of the wrist.” Furthermore, this way it is no longer necessary to search wallets or pockets to find cash or cards.

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Wristbands also speed up payments, as they allow transactions to be made short time period Compared to traditional payment methods.

To pay with the wristband, all you have to do is bring your wrist close to the payment terminal

“It’s enough bring the bracelet closer to the payment terminal and the transaction is completed within seconds”, recalls the financial institution headed by Pablo Hernandez de Cos.

Furthermore, as the entity emphasizes, this payment system “Offers a high level of security”, Well, payment information is securely stored in the bracelet’s chip, which reduces the risk of fraud, as well as data theft.

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Where can you pay with the bracelet?

Considering that wristband payment is a payment method more and more accepted NFC-enabled payment terminals are already found in many stores.

Similarly, wristband payments are being introduced in some Spanish cities. Public transportation So that distribution of ticket amount can also be possible in this way.


Despite the fact that BDE insists that this payment method is secure, users must take the same steps than any other system.

In this sense, it also emphasizes the importance of protecting personal information. access keys, For this reason, he recommends setting up a password or access code, as well as a remote locking function in case it is lost or stolen.


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